Save More To Travel Than Buying Stuff, Proves Science

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“Travelling Gives More Happiness Than Materialistic Things”

You might have heard people saying that “travelling gives you joy”. There were no such proofs that proved if it actually does. But now, even scientific studies have confirmed that happiness comes with experience that any other things. In a very recent psychological research done for more than 2 decades at Cornell University based out of New York, Dr. Thomas Gilovich proves that everything revolves around adaptation. Adaptation is much ahead of value of experiences that we have. Materialistic things give momentary happiness. When we buy stuff, it makes us happy for a short while. Everything that’s new gets all our focus making us exciting at first and loses value while we are adaptive to them.

Fact is we get used to everything that we own. After a period of time, the excitement for all the new things lessens and stops giving us happiness. On the other hand, happiness derived from everything we have done in past gains more value and these experiences become an integral part of us and play a vital role in shaping up our identity. Can you recall the teddy bear that you got on your 15th birthday? Now think about your visit to any location in the world during your summer vacation when you were in college. Surely, you would remember the moments spent at those locations while your teddy bear stays buried in a bad inside the store room.

According to Dr. Gilovich, rather than saving for a new house or a big car if you start spending on travelling, your levels of happiness would be much higher. Visit markets or exhibitions and involve yourselves in outdoor activities and build memories.

It’s not wrong to love materialistic stuff too since you find them connected to your soul but they will still remain away while your experiences will become your true soul mate and will exist for long adding more and more to your happiness and satisfaction in living a better life.

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