Read This If You Are Sleep Deprived


For maintaining a healthy balance between work and rest, a sound sleep of at least 7-8 hours is always needed. If you are not able to devote this much time for rest, you are likely to suffer from following signs.

1. You will fall asleep while driving

The chances of micro sleep increase if you are sleep deprived. This is referred to as falling asleep for few seconds without even knowing. Such a situation can be fatal if you are driving.


2. Your skin does not look too good

Human skin repairs itself on its own for any damaged cells and tissues. However, if you are sleep deprived skin will take more time to heal. The effect will show on your body in form of dark circles and chapped skin.

3. You will be always hungry

If brain is not able to get proper amount of energy from sleep, it will try to get the same from food. This is a common reason for sleep deprived people to eat more on a regular basis. If you suffer from this sign, it is an indication that proper sleep is required by the body.

4. You will gain weight

Sleep deprived people always tend to gain weight. Depriving the body of sleep has a direct effect on metabolism as such people will eat more and add on weight.


5. Sleep deprived people are more impulsive

People who are sleep deprived are more impulsive as compared to others and will react more aggressively, even to a normal situation.

6. The memory is short

If you cannot remember exactly which movie you watched last week or which restaurant you went for a dinner date, blame this on lack of sleep. Sleep deprived people can also suffer from memory loss and this will eventually affect their career prospects in the long run.

7. You have trouble taking decisions

If you encounter problems in taking key decisions at work and home, lack of sleep can be a major reason. Such people experience higher level cognitive processing issues and brain is not able to react to an evolving situation soon.
In short, the ability of a person to react quickly to a problem or situation diminishes and they take long time to react to the same.


8. You get sick often

If you feel sick more often, link this to your sleep deprived work schedule. People who tend to work for long hours often fall sick and need medication on a regular basis as compared to those who follow a normal work schedule.

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