Nikola Tesla – The Greatest Inventor To Have Walked This Earth


Nikola Tesla(1856-1943), a Serbian-American inventor, is the greatest inventor to ever live but still has not got his due share of fame and acknowledgement. Here are a few of his accomplishments and instances from his life which are widely unknown or misinterpreted.

Nikola Tesla - Portrait

– In a time when most of the world was using candles to light their homes. Nikola Tesla was busy devising an electrical system which could power the world more efficiently. Today his system powers almost every home and office in the world and it is known as alternating current.
Do not be surprised if you think Thomas Edison invented it, everybody else also thinks the same. But now you know that most people do not know.

Edison only improved the ideas of 22 other men who pioneered the light bulb. Tesla used to work for Edison. Edison only figured out a way to market and sell the light bulb.

– Edison had offered to pay huge amount of money to Tesla for fixing the problems in DC generators and motors. Tesla did it. Edison sold it under his name. When Tesla asked for his share of money Edison laughed and said “You do not understand our American Humor”
Edison was not an inventor nor a mathematician, not even a scientist. He was a CEO.

– Tesla was known for known for discovering and inventing amazing things but not registering them whereas Edison was known for rushing to patent office when ever he found that Tesla or any other employee of his has made something great.

– After his fallout with Edison, Tesla started working further on his AC electrical system. While Edison, with his employees, was working on Direct Current system. Edison knew DC would have failed in front of AC because it could not be transmitted to long distances. So he came up with an idea. He collected some cats and dogs and publicly electrocuted them using Tesla’s AC to convince people that AC was dangerous for use at home. Which was not the case. Enough of Edison bashing, lets move forward.

– Ever heard of Marconi? He invented Radio and won a Nobel Prize in Physics for same. Basically Marconi used Tesla’s work but few knew it. When Marconi transmitted first transatlantic message Tesla responded saying “Marconi us a good fellow, let him continue. He is using seventeen of my patents.” he let him continue because Marconi was doing something great and Tesla knew he could work on something else meanwhile.

Radar - Nikola Tesla


– Ever Heard of Radar? The technology used to detect objects like aircrafts and missiles. It was invented by Robert A. Watson-Watt in 1935. Tesla came up with this idea in 1917 and pitched to U.S. Navy at the beginning of World War I when German’s were imploding the world with their U-Boats, Unfortunately for the world Edison was head of R&D for US Navy and managed to convince that Radar was not at all practically useful in a war. Only if Edison would have thought of humanity instead of his rivalry World War I could have been over quite sooner. Sorry I could not control my emotions their.

– Wilhem Rontgen is credited for the discovery of X-Ray again you know who had beaten him but got 0 credit in this technology, The hero of this post Nikola Tesla.
Also initially it was believed that X-Ray can cure blindness and other ailments to which Tesla warned to be dangerous and refused to experiment. Ignoring him, once again Edison stole the opportunity to be famous and started human testing. One of his employees, Clarence Dally, was exposed to so much radiation that even after operations he died of mediastinal cancer. Edison also nearly blinded himself by experimenting with X-rays, later when asked his views on X-Ray he replied, “don’t talk to me about X-Rays, I am afraid of them.” Okay I promise I will not mention Edison again though he has other

– Ever wondered who built first hydroelectric plant at Niagara falls to prove water can be used as practical energy source?
Nikola Tesla.

– Who experimented with cryogenic engineering nearly 50 years before its invention? – Tesla

– Who had patented technologies which were used to develop transistor? – Tesla
Btw Transistor is the device which lets yo transfer information which had made everything possible from making calls to Facebook to you reaching this information.

Father of radio astronomy – Tesla – he recorded the first wave from outer space.

who discovered earth’s resonant frequency? – Tesla
Scientist tried to find it out for another 50 years and with all these technologies confirmed Tesla’s discovery from 1980 was correct.

Who built earthquake machine – Tesla

Ball Lightening

Ball Lighting

Tesla invented ball Lighting! Now what’s that? Its an extremely rare phenomenon of lightning travelling in form of a sphere hovering slowly a few feets above ground. It was not allowed to go public and scientists have not be able to produce it successfully till date. 1 scientist did in 1890s: Tesla.

neon lighting - Nikola Tesla

An example of Neon Lighting

Who invented remote controls – Tesla

Electric motor – Tesla

Neon lighting – Nikola Tesla

Wireless communication – Nikola “Greatest Inventor” Tesla

This was not it.
Tesla spoke 8 languages: English, Serbian, Czech, German, Hungarian, French, Italian and Latin.
He could memorize entire book and recite it later.

He used to barely sleep around 2 hours a day and dozed of occasionally to charge his batteries. He once worked in his lab for 84 straight hours.

He was good in games too during his second year of study he became quite proficient at chess, billiards and cards. and used to play these regularly during college and afterwards.

Tesla was 6’2″ and very popular among ladies but hardly had any time to date as he thought it would interfere with his work

He used to visualize his concepts in his brain and then build it without writing down. Such was his memory and intellect.

With so many inventions and patents Tesla should have been very rich and famous, but on the contrary he was broke in his last days, lived on Milk and Nabisco crackers and his best friends were pigeons. He died alone in an NYC.

Imagine you need electricity and it simply rains down from ionosphere charging everything in your home wirelessly.

Well that was not only an imagination. Not for Nikola Tesla.

One of Tesla’s final gift to us would have been a tower near New York City that would have provided free wireless electricity to the entire planet. It was on its way to completion when the man who financed it shut it down as he realised there would be no way to regulate the energy people would be using for an endless time and thus he would never be able to make money through it. Well the government and the corporates would not have been able to take electricity bills from us the way they can not for the oxygen we breathe or the heat we use from sun.

Tesla was a genius. But has still not got the recognition he deserved. Please spread this to give him his due.

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