10 Mysterious Swords from Legend and History

Every warrior has a different inner connection to his sword. Sword is not just a weapon but it is the extra limb of the warrior’s body. There were many weapons used in a war in ancient times but swords had great powers and enthusiasm with oneself. With this regarding, we are going to tell you about 10 Mysterious Swords from Legend and History that have been used so far in wars and by great emperors. 

Mysterious Swords from Legend and History

Here are the 10 amazing and Best swords from legend and their history. hope you like it. so let’s begin…

1. Goujian (Chinese Sword):

 Goujian (Chinese Sword)

A mysterious sword was found in a tomb in China about fifty years ago. This Sword named Goujian is a very sharp and ancient sword and doesn’t have any rust which was once owned by Emperor Goujian of Yue. Archeologist just said about this sword that it is around 2000 years old sword. 

2. Sword of Ivan the Terrible:

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For this sword, many investigations and assumptions are made because The Sword is German made of 12th century.  This sword was first gifted to Tsar Ivan the Terrible.

Later it had been used by the legend warrior Ivan koltso in a battle between him and Cossack leader Yermak Timofeyevich for the conquest of Siberia. This sword is found at the same place in Siberia in 1975. 

3. Joyeuse (The Legendary Sword):

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It is placed in the Louvre Museum. It is a very famous and 1200 years old 10 “Mysterious Swords from Legend and History” as it has a connection to Charlemagne the Great. According to the mythological tales, This Sword of Joyeuse had magical powers that were linked with warriors’ energy. 

4. Durandal (The Sword of Roland):

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It is actually embedded in a Rock and found in Rocamadour, a pilgrimage site about 160km to the north of Toulouse in France. Roland was the nephew of the famous Holy Roman Emperor, Charlemagne. Roland was the master of this famous iron sword “Durandal”.

According to mythological tales, This sword had many magical powers as When Roland threw this sword in the air because of no misuse of anyone, it actually embedded in a rock in Rocamadour. 

5. Ceremonial Seven (branched Sword of Japan):

 Ceremonial Seven (branched Sword of Japan)

This sword is placed in the Isonokami Shrine which is located in the foothills of Henri in Nara prefecture, Japan. It is very famous for ceremonial functions. This legendary sword is known as  Nanatsusaya no Tachi, or ‘Seven-Branched Sword’.

An inscription on the blade describes that the Seven-Branched Sword was given by the king or crown prince of Baekje (an ancient kingdom in the southwestern part of the Korean Peninsula) to the king of Wa (ruler of Japan). 

6. Shamsheer (An Indian Sword):

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The shamsheer (samasher) which is an Indian sword. There were different sayings about its craftsmanship but shamsheer is very easy to handle out and attack. It is single-edged and curved in shape.

The steel used for these swords was quite pure. High carbon content is used in these swords. This type of crucible steel was historically used in India and Central Asia to make high-quality swords.

7. Samurai Muramasa Blades:

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These blades were very destructive in war as there were talks about their forged man. The swordsmith Muramasa Sengo also was a legendary deadly warrior. He was completely mad and violent. Therefore the belief was spread that the same destructive qualities are enforced in his blades. 

8. Viking Sword (Ulfberht):

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This type of sword was made up of pure metal and crafted with high quality. Above 150 Viking ulfberht swords have been found across Europe. These swords are very ancient as 1200 years old.

In these swords, carbon content is so high and made up of crucible steel. That manufacturing technology was centuries ahead of their time. 

9. Chinese Votive Sword:

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Chinese votive sword was recently discovered in July 2014 on the banks of a small stream in Georgia, USA. The interesting fact is the symbols carved on the swords are so ancient including a dragon head and grotesque face mask of the Taotie. These arts are so old that historians said about this sword that the Chinese traveled to North America before Columbus. 

10. The Legendary Sword of San Galgano:

 The Legendary Sword of San Galgano

It is placed on top of montesiepi in Tuscany, Italy and a very ancient sword of the 12th century which is lodged within solid Rock. Sword was placed by San Galgano. San Galgano was a knight and very wealthy man who further converted to as a Christian. There are many mythological stories that revolved around this sword. 

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