Must Watch Movies From 2017 First Half

Quality cinema never goes out of fashion. The same rule applies to movies and a movie rich in acting, cinematography and direction always makes waves. Below are listed some of these movies which managed to create a niche for themselves.

7. Their Finestmust watch movies of 2017 - Their Finest

Their finest is a glorifying tribute to contribution of women in different fields of society. The movie has different shades of professional life of a woman and highlights her role in England’s wartime propaganda. The movie was directed by Danish director Lone Scherfig and highlighted the under representation of woman due to various factors.

6. The Settlersmust watch movies of 2017 - The Settlers

The movie highlights the different shades of conflict in Israeli- Palestine conflict and the resentment which has been brewing up in the people on both side of the border. The movie also highlights the role of Israel leaders who have shaped the fortune of the country over a period.

5. Rawmust watch movies of 2017 - Raw

The movie highlights the psychological aspects of life of a French medical student who develops a strange instinct of tasting human flesh. The movie has its own scary moments including a scene where the student eats a finger of a dead man.

4. The LEGO Batman Moviemust watch movies of 2017 - The LEGO Batman Movie

The movie failed to catch up with the legacy established by the character of LEGO earlier. However, the movie portrays the self glorification of Batman in an interesting manner, something which was never seen before.

3. Land of Minemust watch movies of 2017 - Land of Mine

This Danish war movie is a marvel in the making. This movie revolves around a group of German soldiers who are assigned the task of removing landmines which were buried earlier by their fellow soldiers.

2. Baby Drivermust watch movies of 2017 - Baby Driver

This movie focuses on a getaway driver who has a liking for pop tunes. Though the real intent of the movie could not come out clearly, yet Baby Driver made up for an entertainer with the concept being portrayed in a funny manner.

1. The Big Sickmust watch movies of 2017 - The Big Sick

If you think that romantic comedies have disappeared over a period, you need to watch The Big Sick. The movie set in Chicago is about a standup comedian from Pakistan who thinks that he is forbidden to marry, even as he falls in love with a girl.

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