Must Visit Places In Tokyo!

Tokyo, the capital of Japan is a worth visiting city. There are numerous locations in this city which you must visit. Below we list some of the key locations which should be on your travel itinerary, when in Tokyo.

7. The Imperial PalacePlaces to visit in Tokyo - The Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace is a key location in Tokyo’s Marunouchi district. A two meter thick wall surrounds the palace and is one of the areas open to tourists. Edo Castle is build in 1457 is a worth visiting location when in Imperial Palace.

6. Ginza DistrictPlaces to visit in Tokyo - Ginza District

The busiest shopping area in Tokyo is Ginza and is equally important as Times Square in New York. You will find exclusive shops and stores here and the famous Kabuki-za Theatre. You can also plan to visit Shimbashi Enbujo Theatre where you can see Bunraku performances.

5. National Museum of Nature and SciencePlaces to visit in Tokyo - National Museum of Nature and Science

The National Museum of Nature and Science opened in 1871 and is considered to be the oldest museum in Tokyo. Interactive displays on nuclear energy, space development and transportation can be seen here. Robotic and vintage vehicles can also be seen in this museum.

4. Ueno Park and ZooPlaces to visit in Tokyo - Ueno Park and Zoo

Ueno Park is the green zone of Tokyo and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city. You can take a private trip on a boat to Shinobazu pond. Additionally, this area also has a 17th century Toshogu Shrine which is famous for its 256 bronze and stone lanterns.

3. Tokyo National MuseumPlaces to visit in Tokyo - Tokyo National Museum

This museum is home to important works of Chinese, Indian and Japanese art. The museum opened up in 1938 and is home to many Buddhist scriptures from China and Japan which date to the 6th century.

2. The Meiji ShrinePlaces to visit in Tokyo - The Meiji Shrine

The Meiji Shrine is dedicated to Emperor Meiji and his wife. The construction of this shrine began in 1915 and t took 11 years for the shrine to complete. This is one of the most important religious shrines in Tokyo and was destroyed in World War –II. It was then rebuild in 1958. The highlight of this shrine is the inner Precinct which is home to royal treasures.

1. The National Art CenterPlaces to visit in Tokyo - The National Art Center

This is another world class museum in Tokyo. This museum is located in a curved glass building in Roppongi district in Tokyo. The museum opened in 2007 and is home to more than 600 paintings. Most of these are unique modern art paintings which attract people from all over the world.

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