10 Most Unusual Sports In The World

Unusual Sports - Extreme Ironing

If you thought that cricket, football and tennis are the only games for an avid player, you are perhaps mistaken. There are numerous unusual sports which you can be a play, if you have a liking for any of these. Below we list some of these sporting events which are held across the world.

10. Oil WrestlingUnusual Sports - Oil Wrestling

Though held in many countries, Turkey can lay claim for being the oldest one for organizing this event. It began in 1357 in Edirne in Turkey when an Ottoman victory was being celebrated. It has lately also become popular in Japan and Netherlands.

9. PoohsticksUnusual Sports - Poohsticks

This is another of unusual sports which is played on any bridge which has running water flowing beneath. The player throws a stick on the upstream of bridge and the player whose stick appears first on downstream is the winner. It has been held on River Thames in London since 1984.

8. Bed RacingUnusual Sports - Bed Racing

This event is held in North Yorkshire town of Knaresborough since 1965. Initially, the event was only for army, navy and Air Force personnel but now has been opened for all. In this a team of five runs for 3km carrying a bed. The fifth person here is on the bed and the other four have to carry him or her, the entire distance.

7. ZorbingUnusual Sports - Zorbing

Rolling down the hill inside an orb could be among unusual sports and this sport known as Zorbing is becoming popular. It is usually done on a gentle slope but you can also do it on a level slope for better results.

6. Extreme IroningUnusual Sports - Extreme Ironing

As the name suggests, the participants go to unusual location to do ironing. This is done on unusual locations as underwater, while hanging from cliffs and on top of vehicles.

5. Wife Carrying CompetitionUnusual Sports - Wife Carrying Competition

Held annually in Finland, the male competitor carries their female counterpart on their back in wife carrying competition. The winners get a mobile phone and beer worth their wife’s weight.

4. World Gurning ContestUnusual Sports - World Gurning Contest

You have to make ugly faces to win this competition. The person who makes the ugliest face of the lot is adjusted as winner of World Gurning contest. The competition is indeed old and is being held since 1297 in UK.

3. Chess BoxingUnusual Sports - Chess Boxing

Even seen chess and boxing being played together? In what can be claimed among unusual sports, chess boxing has rounds of boxing and chess being played alternately. This sport was invented by French artist and filmmaker Enki Bilal as a comic version in 1992. The first real event of this type was held in 2003.

2. BossaballUnusual Sports - Bossaball

This sport was invented in Spain by Filip Eyckmans in 2004. The game is similar to volleyball but also has elements of gymnastics and capoeira.

1. Sports With No ClothesUnusual Sports - International Nudist Swimming Gala

There are numerous sporting events in which players play naked. Among these are “International Nudist Swimming Gala” and “Roskilde Festival”.

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