Most Underrated Cities In Spain

Most Underrated cities in spain - Granada - Palace of Alhambra

The unique landscape of Spain is an attraction for the visitor in itself. From Madrid to Barcelona, Spain has much to offer to any traveler. However, the country also has numerous locations which have not been explored so far and deserve a mention.

11. SalamancaMost Underrated cities in spain - Salamanca

This city is located in Central Spain and has buildings constructed from sandstone quarries which lie in its vicinity. This city not only has architecturally designed buildings but is home to some of the finest universities in Europe.

10. GranadaMost Underrated cities in spain - Granada - Palace of Alhambra

The provincial capital of Granada in Spain’s Andalucía region, Granada is a provincial capital also. The city is home to citadel and palace of Alhambra which offers a glimpse into old Moorish past of Spain.

9. BilbaoMost Underrated cities in spain - Guggenheim Bilbao museum

This is a port city in Spain and is famous for its Guggenheim Bilbao museum. Santiago Cathedral is another place worth visiting here and offers a perfect blend of Gothic architecture.

8. LogronoMost Underrated cities in spain - Logrono wineries

If you are a fan of Spanish wines, Logrono is the place to be. The Gothic style Santa Maria de Palacio is also worth a visit here.

7. GironaMost Underrated cities in spain - Girona

This is a small medieval city with a rich past. The Moorish baths and Gothic churches are some of the attractions of Girona. The narrow alleyways and stone lanes of Girona are also worth wandering through.

6. PamplonaMost Underrated cities in spain - Pamplona

This is the capital of Navarra region and is much known for the annual “Running of the Bulls”. In addition, you can also visit the museum of Navarra to know more about the cultural richness of this unexplored area.

5. Jerez de la FronteraMost Underrated cities in spain - Jerez de la Frontera

The world famous sherry of this city attracts people from all over. However, you should also visit Alcazar which is a Moorish fort built in 1255. Other attractions here include a clock museum and a flamenco museum.

4. ValenciaMost Underrated cities in spain - Valencia

It has been an important city in Spain and should be visited for its futuristic architecture of new City of Arts and Science complex. The museum here is home to some of the best collection of Spanish paintings.

3. OurenseMost Underrated cities in spain - Ourense

This city is located along the banks of Mino River. Ourense is also known for its hot springs which surface at different locations throughout the city.

2. BurgosMost Underrated cities in spain - Burgos

Burgos has been capital of Castile region in Spain for over 500 years. Those who are interested in knowing about the rich past of Spain should visit Burgos since it is home to many historic relics.

1. HuescaMost Underrated cities in spain - Huesca

This is a small town located in Aragon region of northeast Spain. This city is a base for ski trips in the Pyrenees Mountains. You can also visit the Miguel Servet Park when in Huesca.

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