Most Memorable Moments From Olympics

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An important sporting activity, Olympics gives an opportunity to the talented sports personalities to come under one roof and display their sporting skills.

This sporting event has had its share of memorable moments too through the years and some of these deserve a mention.

10. Muhammad Ali lights Olympic flame

Muhammad Ali, the famed boxer of bygone era lit the Olympic flame in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. The moment became all the more special as he was suffering from Parkinson disease and yet took time to come to the occasion.

Muhammad Ali lights Olympic flame

9. Special Olympic gold

The gold medal for Greco-Roman wrestling in Sydney Olympics in 2000 was won by Rulon Gardner of USA. The special thing about this victory was that Alexander Kareline of Russia who was the previous winner of the event was undefeated for the last 13 years.

Special Olympic gold, Rulon Gardner USA

8. Man with golden shoes

The 1996 Olympics were special for the fact that Michael Johnson won two medals for sprinting and was nicknamed “man with the golden shoes”.

Michael Johnson, man with golden shoes

7. Running barefoot for victory

Abebe Bikila, an Ethiopian athlete ran barefoot during 1960 Roman Olympic marathon. He had to run barefoot because he could not find shoes that fit him. He was obviously the winner of the event.

Abebe Bikila, running barefoot

6. The dream team of basketball

The basketball team of USA in 1992 was considered to be the most special as it had legendary players as Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan.

dream team of basketball

5. Political protest

The Olympic Games in Tokyo during 1964 had its unique moment when Vera Caslavaska a Czech gymnast tied for gold during her floor exercise. She also turned her head away when Soviet National Anthem played. This she did due to her discontent for Soviet invasion.

Vera Caslavaska, Czech gymnast, political protest

4. Tensions evident

The USA basketball team lost to Russia 51-50. This happened after the Russian team was given some extra time for their final shot. Incidentally, this was the first loss for USA during the Basketball history and displayed amply the tension between these two countries.

USA basketball with Russia

3. History for an unknown player

An unknown player at the start of the 1984 players, Mary Lou Retton became the most popular as she ended up winning gold in floor and vault event. Retton was much young for the glory, she being only 16 years of age.

Mary Lou Retton 1984

2. Life goes normal

Accidents do happen and one such did occur in Atlanta Olympics in 1996 when bomb detonated at AT&T Pavilion in Centennial Olympic Park. Despite this, the event continued unabated.

Atlanta Olympics, AT&T Pavilion in Centennial Olympic Park

1. Moment of glory

1984 was a special year for Carl Lewis as he won his fourth gold medal. By doing so, he matched Jesse Owens record from 1936 Olympics.

 Carl Lewis


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