Most Dangerous Airports In The World!

Most Dangerous Airport - Saba Airport, Caribbean

Gibraltar Airport, Gibraltar

Most Dangerous Airport - Gibraltar
Not only is this airport dangerous but it is also one of the, if not the, most weird airports in the world. While most of the runways are not even accessible to the travelers let alone the public, the runway strip of this particular airport intersects a main road. Yes, regular traffic crosses the runway every day except when a landing or takeoff has to happen, the traffic is stopped during these times, thank God! The fact that makes this airport a little more dangerous is that one of its ends is surrounded by Bay of Gibraltar.

Tenzing-Hillary Airport, Lukla, Nepal

Most Dangerous Airport - Tenzing-Hillary Airport

Does Lukla ring any bells? Well it is the gateway to Mt. Everest. This little village has no roads but still has an airport, because of the importance of this village. The 1500-feet airstrip allows a maximum of 20 seater planes to take-off or land. The runway has a slope, to compromise for the short airstrip as it helps the landing planes slow down. The runway though is a beautiful patch surrounded by mountains a valley starts from its edge. Once a flight takes-off there is no way to land back on this airport even in cases of emergency. In its initial years this airport’s runway was only a patch of mud.

Courchevel Airport, France

Most Dangerous Airport - Courchevel Airport, France

The Courchevel Airport has a short runway of around 1,700 feet and to add to the woes the runway has a steep hump. This runway was built on the mountainous region of the French Alps and is at the edge of a mountainous valley. A hump on an already short runway, just have a look.

Saba Airport, Caribbean

Most Dangerous Airport - Saba Airport, Caribbean

A Caribbean island controlled by Netherlands, the Saba Island has an airport with the shortest runway, 1299 feet. As scary as it looks the Saba airport has recently been shut down for the use of civilians unless in exceptional circumstances where special permission needs to be taken. 3 sides of the runway are surrounded by the sea and thus is super dangerous while landing and take-offs.

Barra Airport, Scotland

Most Dangerous Airport - Barra Airport, Scotland

Looking for a beach holiday, visit Barra Airport of Scotland, yes you read it write. This airport uses a beach as its runway. Not only this sometimes the planes are forced to land on wet surfaces if the beach is covered with water because of high tides.

The Ice Runway, Antarctica

Most Dangerous Airport - The Ice Runway, Antarctica

The Ice Runway as the name suggests is made of ice. It is one of the three airstrips in Antarctica and is run by US military. Length of the airport is not an issue here but the since the surface is made of ice, the speed and weight of the airplane becomes crucial so that the surface don’t burst.

Princess Juliana International Airport, St. Martin, Caribbean

Most Dangerous Airport - Princess Juliana International Airport, St. Martin, Caribbean

This airport might not be as dangerous as rest of the airports on the list, but the fact that its runway oversees a popular beach makes is scary in a weird way. The beach is open to public and the extremely low landing approaches, make the airport quite dangerous. Visitors often witness take-offs from the beach real up close! People are advised to clear the area at time of landing and takeoffs as the powerful jet-blasts can throw people off the beach into the sea.

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