It’s Time You Should Stop Saying These Lies To Your Parents

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We all speak lies to our parents when we are young. Some of us carry this trait during later years and continue with this habit. However, you should give up this habit, before it gets too late. Below we list some of the lies which many of us continue to say to our parents.

1. You do not drink

Many of us have been drinking since our college days. However, we never admit it before our parents and shy from telling them the truth. However, after a certain time if you are not in a position to give up drinking, it is better to let your parents know. They will feel anguished if they come to know about this from someone else.

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2. You are not in a relation

Many of us do not prefer to tell our parents that we are in a relationship. Even if you are in a casual friendship and keep it secret from friends, it is high time that you let your parents know that you are in a relationship. It is only your parents who will stand by you, in case you get embroiled in some kind of tough situation.

3. You are working late hours when you are in a party

This is a common lie which most of us say to our parents when we plan to head to a party from office. You should always remember that our parents have also been through our age and know that you are lying.

They will in fact be happy if you share the truth with them as they also understand that you have a personal life and need to attend to your friends.

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4. You do not need money

Many of you might be working far away from your home and are in some kind of financial crisis at any given time. However, whenever the parents call up, you end up saying that you are doing good and they need not worry.

It is high time that you share your problems with your parents and take help from them, whenever required. They will be happy to stand by you, even if you feel that help is not needed.

5. All is good in your married life

Most of us do not share our problems with parents once we are married. You might be doing so feeling that your parents have done enough for you and you do not wish to burden them further. However, help will always be at hand in such cases if you consult your parents, well in time.

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Give up the instinct of not sharing your happiness and sorrow with your parents and your life is sure to become happier and vibrant.

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