It’s Though to Hold on, It’s Horrible to let Go

Relations do impact our psyche and it is always possible that a person undergoes mental depression whenever any emotional turmoil occurs in the life. It is an acceptable fact that in a relation gone wrong it is tough to hold on and it is equally horrible to let go.

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However, you need to make to life worthy and move on so that the toxicity of your inner self is removed.

4. Fill the emptiness in your life

Whenever a relationship ends a feeling of emptiness sets inside us and makes us hollow. To overcome this instinct and move on in life, you need to fill this empty space in life. Friends can act as excellent filler in any such situation.

The emptiness in life is temporary and to get over the horrible feeling of being alone, you need to have worthy friends around you.

3. Be clear on what you need

Post any breakup, a person should sit down and ponder on what they need from life. It is obviously difficult to let go of the emotional baggage but the irony of life is such that it has to go on. In such circumstance, think and ponder on what you need from life and on the way you need it to be.
Your life should be full of love, compassion and lively. Making the same again like before is in your hands and you should make all earnest efforts to do so.

2. The physical space also needs to be cleaned up

Not only the emotional baggage, should you also work on cleaning up the physical space and emptiness in your life. Any gifts which you might have received needs to be sold or donated and all letters need to be burnt or thrown away. You will face a lot of resistance from your inner self only in doing so but you need to clean up the physical space in your life, else you will not be able to move ahead in life.

1. Express feelings in writing

Expressing your feelings in writing is also a worthy way of moving ahead. This will let you vent your ire and list down all the things which you might be holding within. Repeat this exercise twice or thrice and burn the penned down thoughts, once and forever. This will surely lighten up the burden which you might be carrying.

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