Is Swimming A Major Sport In Australia?

Is swimming indeed a popular sport? With findings indicating so, it has emerged that swimming is in fact one of the major sports in Australia. A study confirming this fact was done by Roy Morgan has identified swimming among one of the major sports in Australia.

The National Sports Participation Report from Roy Morgan has indicated that swimming is the most common sporting activity in Australia and one of every two children and one in ten adult regularly take the plunge in the pool.
With 14.4% children opting for swimming as compared to 10.8% for cycling and 8.2% for soccer, swimming emerged as the most popular sport among 6-13 year age group children. An interesting fact that came out from this study was that 6-13 year age group children are likely to swim or cycle five times more than children in the age group of 14 or above.most popular sport in Australia SwimmingThese statistics can be analyzed from a different perspective also. Approximate 3.147 million people in Australia have taken to swimming, making it by far the most popular sports in the country.

To encourage parents to teach their children swimming from an early age special motivational lectures are held. This essentially means that parents are guided to make their children better swimmers from the time when the child is in elementary school. There is one more important reason which has led to swimming becoming a popular sport in Australia. Australia view from topThe country has a coastline of over 35,000 km and 84 percent of the population of Australia lives in 50 km of this coastline. Those living in summer states of the country usually spend their most of the time on the beaches and therefore inclination towards swimming is but natural.

Those who live in Northern bound states of this magical country can enjoy the privilege of being at pool side at the first opportunity they get to go out and meet with friends and family. A combination of these factors has led to Australia being the country which has worn Olympic medals in swimming next to United States.Swimming popular in Australia - Ian Thorpe, Grant Hackett and Dawn FraserWith swimmers as Ian Thorpe, Grant Hackett and Dawn Fraser being common names throughout the world; it is indeed self explanatory that swimming is indeed the most popular sport in Australia.

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