Is Miami Heat The Most Hated Team In Basketball

With basketball being one of the most preferred sports in United States of America, people have developed their affiliations for the teams they support. Basketball fans outside of New York and Chicago do not pay much attention to what Miami Heat team does.
Moreover, very few people had any kind of animosity for Miami Heat team. However, the perception changes when it comes to basketball fans in New York. The team is disliked in New York as they fought bitterly during post season series.most hated NBA team
Similarly, the team is not liked much in Chicago as James Posey committed some fouls during a match here which did not go well with basketball fans. NBA fans too do not hold Miami Heat team in great spirits.
NBA fans are not happy with the team and the team also could not manage to get a big free agent this summer season. The coming days are going to be tough for Miami Heat and the team is likely to get booed down in the coming season. Interestingly, many basketball fans will be praying that Miami Heat crashes out in the upcoming season and therefore get a taste of reality which they deserve. It is not as if things were that bad for Miami Heat always. Until recent times, Miami Heat was considered among the best teams whom captains like Alonzo Mourning and Dwyane Wade led from the front. However, things changed over the years and small incidents triggered this change.
During the 2012 playoff Wade played offensive and flopped and hopped for a whistle for every offensive possession he got. This worked for him in the game but the tactics did not go well with the fans and they started to develop a feeling of animosity towards the team they liked very much, at a point of time. most hated NBA team
Incidents like this led to Miami Heat going down the popularity index and though they have been playing hard, it is unlikely that the team will maintain its tempo. LA Lakers has been considered to be the most hated team in the recent past but if the current trend continues, it is very likely that Miami Heat will take their place.

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