Is Europe Safe Given the Travel Alert

Europe travel Alert

The question if travel to Europe is safe given the new terror alert might have rung through your mind if you are planning to visit Europe this holiday season. Following the recent terror attacks in Russia, Sweden, France and United Kingdom, US Department of State has issued a travel alert to US citizens who are planning to visit Europe this season.Europe travel Alert
This alert expires on September 1st but it essentially means that any kind of travel to tourist locations, shopping malls and transportation hubs is seriously not recommended. The travel alert also cites that locations like hotels, parks and airports can be easy targets and should be ideally avoided.
The State Department in United States is so serious about this travel alert that it has uploaded the warning on its Facebook Page also. However, it must be mentioned here that any alert of this kind should ideally not be confused with travel warning which is only issued in case of political instability or civil war situation.
Ironically, this is the first travel alert for 2017 which US State Department has issued. During 2016 also many such travel alerts were issued since numerous terror incidents took place throughout Europe last year also.
So, what can be different precautionary measures which you can take in such situations? Europe can still be a safe bet considering the fact that you can take some measures to ensure that you enjoy your vacations while keeping the safety scenario in mind.Europe travel Alert
You should ideally follow the instructions which local authorities give in such situations and also monitor the media and local links when you plan your imminent travel or activities. As a traveler, you should also be prepared for additional screening and disruptions because security usually gets stringent in such scenario.
You should also be in touch with your family when you travel and ensure that they should be updated on your latest travel details. This will help them get in touch with you whenever any such situation arises. A emergency action plan should also be ready whenever the situation so warrants. You can also enroll in Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) which ensures comprehensive security to you whenever you are travelling to Europe.
Travelling to Europe is as safe as before, you only need to take some precautionary measures so that you remain safe and enjoy the journey.

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