Is Clicking Selfies A Disorder!


With mental health workers linking selfies to mental health conditions related to narcissism or person’s obsession with self clicked images, the discussion doing the rounds is if clicking selfies has become a disorder.Selfie-Disorder
Psychiatrist Dr. David Veal from The Priory Hospital in North London points out that every two out of three patients that come to him with Body Dysmorphic Disorder have the inclination to click selfies and put them on social media sites on a regular basis.
Self Obsession. This self obsession with clicking selfies has grown to such an extent that people take multiple pictures of themselves over and over again until the time they come up with a perfect fit. Social media websites have played a great role in development of this obsession as have the evolution of smart phones with each vying with the other one for better picture quality. People are getting plastic surgeries done to sharpen their nose or trim other features of their faces in order to get a perfect selfie. The question that comes to mind in such a scenario is that if it is judicious for us to base our happiness on ever changing profile pictures or on randomly clicked selfies.
Clicking selfies can be disorder in cases when the obsession goes beyond a point as in case of some teenagers who went to the extent of committing suicide just for the fact that their selfies were not appreciated by other friends. In case of a British teenager by the name of Danny Bowman, the self obsession with selfies went to an extent that he would spend over 10 hours every day clicking selfies to get that perfect shot. In the bargain, Danny lost over 30 pounds and dropped out of school cutting himself from the outside world for over 6 months. He eventually tried to commit suicide and was saved by his mother in the nick of time. This is not an isolate case and numerous stories linking suicides to selfies obsession can be found throughout the world. This in itself lends credential to the fact that clicking selfies could turn into a disorder if attention is not paid well in time.Is Clicking Selfie a disorder
Panpimol Wipulakorn from Thai Mental Health Department in Thailand points out that increased number of people in their country are falling prey to this obsession and it could turn into a grave problem with little solution if corrective measures are not put in place.
Mental issues especially those related to development of confidence in an individual could follow if no psychological help is offered to such people. The need of the hour is to accept the fact that each of us is unique and our personality has many distinct aspects.
Linking your personal and professional growth to a randomly clicked selfies is not going to do much good to you, expect for turning you into a fit case for studies on selfies linked human disorders.
Do a reflection on this thought and let your personality evolve over the shambles of a selfie.

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