Incredible India: 10 Amazing Indian Wildlife Facts

India is a broad country and a lot of its area is covered by forests. Various Varieties of animals and plants are found in these huge forests. So, there is no wonder why Indian wildlife is too rich and diverse?

We all know that the natural world was one of the biggest reasons behind India’s Hindu mythological beliefs and faith. However, animals are critical to the tradition of Incredible India in additional than just devout methods. These faiths are truly the backbone of Incredible Indian wildlife, and you will be really amazed to know these Incredible Indian Wildlife Facts. Beneath are strange facts in regard to the animals of India or Indian wildlife.

Incredible India: 10 Strange Indian Wildlife Facts

10. Dog Temple – Channapatna, Karnataka

dog temple 2 10 Incredible indian wildlife facts the best top 10 lists

A small village located in Channapatna’s Ramanagar district has a very incredible but interesting and exceptional temple in the honor of our first-rate friend (Dogs). The religious customs which are known as Pujas are conducted for searching advantages of the Dog God.

The dog God is considered to be the same as any other village deities. This is pretty strange that all the families in the village worship the Dog God. But, that’s the incredible India where anything can happen. Don’t you think so?

9. The Incredible Asiatic or Indian Lions

The Incredible Asiatic or Indian Lions

The Asiatic Lion is the most fearsome creatures in nature, they are also known as the Indian Lion. It is can’t get enough of seeing this creature’s beautiful mane and powerful body.

They are a suburb killing machine and it is advised to keep a safe distance from these creatures. They are only found in Gir National Park, located in Gujarat. Indian Lions are a bit smaller than their African cousins, but they have thicker elbow tufts with a longer tail.

Asiatic Lions are one of the endangered species that’s why the Indian government has a Conservation plan for them in Gir National Park and also announced Lions as a national treasure.

8. The Incredible Bengal Tigers

Incredible Bengal Tigers

NO conversation about the wildlife of India can be completed without discussing the pride of Indian wildlife, known as Bengal tigers.

Bengal tiger is one of the subspecies of tiger, found in the whole Bengal region of the Indian subcontinent. They are also found in a number of other nearby Asian countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Tibet, etc. Normally the Bengal Tigers are reddish-brown to rust-brown in color with black stripes all over the body.

Bengal tigers are also found in white color, known as the White tiger. Bengal tiger is the national animal of India and Bangladesh both. They are awesome and incredible predators and enhance the value of Indian wildlife amazingly.

7. Mongoose And The Cobra’s

Mongoose And The Cobra’s

The king cobra is one of the most feared and poisoned snakes in the world. While a full-grown cobra can rise about 6 ft.’s and its high enough to look in the average human eyes. A full dose of king cobra’s venom is pretty enough to kill about 20 people. We can say that the king cobra is an incredible creature of Indian wildlife and a nightmare in the wildlife of India. But this nightmare of nature has also got its enemies.

The mongoose: they look like cute little guys and roughly about the size of a ferret. But they are awesome predators too. These adorable little guys are too quick, agile, and have the ability to kill cobras and other snakes without mercy. They have developed special immunities to the venom in evolution, but mostly they take out the snake without being bitten.

They dance from the side by side of cobra or other snakes, look out of the snake’s way and movements when it strikes; they seize it behind the skull. These both strange creatures are commonly found in incredible wildlife of India, and they hold their positions in Indian wildlife.

6. Fearsome Monkey’s

Fearsome Monkey's

Monkeys are also considered as sacred creatures in India. Thousands of monkeys can be found in Indian cities. These creatures are incredibly dangerous and responsible for biting passersby and destroying homes or households. Hordes of monkeys looking for food and ripping off people’s clothing. The Indian government has started trapping policies for monkeys, but these creatures are too intelligent to fall into the traps.

Even people are being attacked by monkeys daily, but they continue to feed the monkeys. Because Hindu law dictates that the monkeys are sacred animals and they cannot be euthanized.

And the residents willing that those animals must be taken to sanctuaries having the walls thus they did not return to the city. Right now this problem has no solution in sight; which is strange.

Top 5 Incredible Facts about Wildlife of India

5. The Goonch – “Indian Catfish”

The Goonch - "Indian Catfish" 

When you think about Catfish, you might become out with an ugly faced fish, but they hardly attract thoughts of danger. But, in India common things becomes suddenly incredible and here is an example of that. Yes! In the river named kali some of the giant devil catfishes are found they are known as “The Goonch”. It is believed that they are responsible for several human deaths.

In Hindu funeral rituals bodies to be reduced as ash and after then interred in rivers, but mostly charred remains are eaten by these catfishes “goonch”. These catfishes can grow over 150 lbs, also are responsible for the disappearance of swimmers. While they are not attacking as many sharks, but due to their size, they are able to grab the average man to be drowned. Well, that is all about fascinating Indian wildlife and anything can happen there. So, Beware!

4. Drunken Elephants

 Drunken Elephants

We know that elephants are intelligent and peaceful animals, but sometimes things go wrong and we found some weird outcomes. Here is one of those incidents: In the year 2012, a group of about 50 elephants had been come out of the jungle, they were attracted to a smell yes! They smelled as moonshine-like liquor called (Mahua). They drunked like old alcoholics and finished about 500 liters of alcohol.

Once their heads are started dancing, they proceeded to nearby villages and spoil dozens of residences in Dumurkota village. That was probably the first-ever case of mass elephant drinking. Fortunately, nobody got killed but it became one of the most incredible moments of Indian wildlife.

3. Strange Dog pregnancy Syndrome

Strange Dog pregnancy Syndrome

In the rural areas of India, one strange phenomenon has to spread up to where the villager thinks, if they got bitten by dogs they will be pregnant with the aid of them. And pups will start developing in their bellies.

This is a disturbing form of mass hysteria that’s most often occurs in those rural areas because of a lack of education. Victims most often declare that they can feel the puppies are growing inside them and as revert to strange behavior they start barking. Don’t you feel this incredible?

2. The Snakes Land – Shetpal, Maharashtra

The Snakes Land - Shetpal, Maharashtra

Yes, this is an incredible but true fact of Indian wildlife! A village Known as Shetpal located in Sholapur district (Maharashtra), this is incredibly famous for snake worship.

This village has a rarest and very uncommon custom which is very frightful. It is just a matter of fact that all houses in this village have a dedicated resting position for Cobras within the rafters of their ceilings.

No cases of snakebites were found in this village even when snakes are moving freely along every loved one. But if you are scared of snakes don’t even think to visit there, and if you dare just think twice. But this is really a good example of incredible India and the wildlife of India.

1) The Incredible Temple Of Rats – Karni Mata Temple, Rajasthan

 The Incredible Temple Of Rats - Karni Mata Temple, Rajasthan

A town referred to as Deshnok, its 30 km from Bikaner, has a fascinating sight known as the Karni Mata Temple, this is the house of over 25,000 rats. They’re called as ‘Kabbas’, these rats are worshipped because it’s believed that they are reincarnated loved one’s participants of Karni Mata.

White mice are revered much more considering that they’re viewed to be Karni Mata and her sons. Isn’t seem strange? But that’s the specialty of incredible India.

Conclusion :

Well, India is a country, which is based on ancient religious believes and this is one of the specialties of India. Indian cultures and traditions are also derived from their religious faiths, where most of the animals are sacred and this is necessary to have wealthy wildlife. It doesn’t matter a lot for Indians if Sometimes; things go wrong and lead to dangerous situations.

This is incredible India where people have their faiths in priority over security and anything is possible. Anyway as we have looked over strange diversity in the wildlife of India, there are a lot of more things while discussing Indian wildlife. But this list was dedicated to strange or incredible facts in Indian wildlife. We have tried our best to provide a good insight over the topic. This is your turn now to decide, that we have succeeded in our motto or not.

Few more facts about incredible wildlife of India

  • There are about 500 Wildlife Sanctuaries, 18 Bio-reserves and 120 National Parks in India.
  • India has three biodiversity hot-spots among the 34 biodiversity hot-spots of the world. They are known as – Western Ghats, Eastern Himalayas, and Indo-Burma. You can understand now, why India have richer and diverse wildlife.
  • India is one of the Mega-diverse countries along with 16 more countries. These Mega-diverse countries are known as the home of 60-70% of the world’s diversity.
  • Asian elephants, Asian Lion, Bengal Tiger, Mugger Crocodile, Rhinoceros, etc. are the common animals in Indian wildlife. But, India is a home of about 175 threatened more spices too.
  • India is the heaven for birds too, Variety of birds in India is incredible. Ringed Parrot, Laughing Dove, Green Bee Eater, Koel, Blue Kingfisher and Indian Roller are some of the common birds.
  • There are more than 1300 species of birds are found in India and among these 42 are endemic.

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