Single? Plan Your Next Valentine Now. Do These Things To Make Your Day Interesting

If you are single this valentine, take it sportingly and enjoy life. Couples also have their unique set of problems and thank the almighty that you are still single. Meanwhile, you can do many awesome things to make the day special for you.

5. Anti-Valentine Day Karaoke night

Organizing an anti valentine karaoke party would be great idea as everyone around will get to know that you are single and that you are enjoying the single status like anything. Playing Joy Davision’s song Love will tear us apart would be a perfect add on to the party. Call your single friends to the occasion and make it a worth remembering event.

4. Perform a baby sit act

You can indeed do some good deeds on this day. Act as a baby sit for a couple who rarely find time to take their kids out. Rent the kids favorite movie and spend some memorable moments with the child.

Gift a card to the couple when they return. Express your heartfelt feelings in the card for the couple. They will feel happy for you and shower their love on you.

3. Treat yourself and your close friends

You might have remained in the company of your friends for so long that you would not have found time for having a relationship. Since you have invested so much time and energy in yourself and your friends, the day is perfect to take the special ones of the lot on a treat.

Spend time with them and make them feel special in your life. Think and ponder on what you have achieved in the past one year and cherish those moments on this day.

2. Make a shopping trip

Ideally since you are single, the best thing to do on the Valentine’s Day is to head on a shopping trip. The savings that you have made over the year should be invested in buying the stuff which you have admired the most.

By the end of the day when the couples would be heading home, you will feel happy to be back with shopping bags filled of your cherished goodies that you always desired to buy. What better day to make this shopping sojourn than the Valentine’s Day.

1. Surprise your grandparents

In the mad rush to earn money and have an eventful career, we often ignore the people who had made contribution in making our lives happier when we were young. Valentine’s Day being the occasion for spreading love and caring for those who love you would be a perfect day for surprising your grandparents.

Make them happy by giving them small gifts and spending the day caring for them. They will feel happy and will bless you.


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