Ideas For A Perfect First Date!

Ideas for first date - clubbing couples

You have been talking to each other over texts and calls for a while and are looking to ask for your first date? If you are confused while planning a perfect first date, here are we to help you with ideas on how to have a perfect date.

1. Go To The BeachIdeas for first date - beach

If you live near a lake or an ocean, then plan a picnic lunch for a complete fun time. Play volleyball near the beach, talk about your favorite things and share your hobbies. An hour walking near the waves can make both of you feel really comfortable with each other. Don’t forget to hold hands if you feel like.

2. Cook and Eat

A hand cooked food on a first date can be a warm and loving gesture. It shows off all your effort and care at once.

3. Head To A Theme ParkIdeas for first date - Theme Park

Theme parks are not limited to kids or teenagers. The rides can be pretty fun for a date, and a big roller coaster ride can actually give the perfect opportunity to hold hands.

4. Boat Ride

The idea of sailing on a first date would work well. Pick a romantic paddle boat to make the date exciting. Feed stale breads to the ducks at a pond. Plan a picnic lunch next to the water.

5. Movie

Movie dates gives that tingle of excitement when both of your elbows touch each other accidentally. If comfortable then movie dates are perfect for cozying up.

6. ClubbingIdeas for first date - clubbing couples

If you’re already feeling a lot of spark between you two, then go to a club, dress your best and sexy, wrap your arms around your date, groove to sensual sounds and dance all night.

7. A Short Walk

Walking and talking on a street you know well kind of creates a comfortable connection and makes it easy to talk. Chances are of your hands clinging to each other by chance.

8. Go Bowling

When you’re trying to break the ice with your date, combine the conversation with a fun activity like bowling can be a lot of fun. Place a silly bet on the game, to make it even more exciting. A bit of rivalry on a romantic date always spices things up.

9. Coffee Date
Concept of love and coffee

A coffee date is the best option. It’s comfortable and can help your date judge you for who you are without being affected by the people around and the surrounding.

10. Watch The Sunset

Watch the sunset or the sunrise together. A beautiful surrounding makes everything more enjoyable and comfortable. It would be the perfect time to bring along your favorite food and drink.

11. A Live Concert

If your date’s favorite band is in town then don’t think twice to surprise him with the date to the concert. He’s going to love it and will be grateful to you for planning the surprise.

12. Go To A Dance ClassIdeas for first date - Couple dance class

Sign up for an hour of swing dancing lessons. You will love it when he’ll grab your waist and twirl you around. Attend all-couple dance sessions as an excuse to keep touching each other.

13. A Stand Up Show

A Standup comedy can be a perfect date idea if you can continue it with dinner after the show. Comedy is always funny. What can be better than laughing together?

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