I Used To Love Her A Lot But Now I Am Cheating On Her, Guess This Is It!

relationship tips

You must be in love with a girl but over a period, the love might diminish to such an extent that you start cheating on her. Multiple factors lead to development of this situation and some of these I wish to share with you.

relationship tips

3. She started ignoring me

A big complication which arises in many relations is that the girl starts ignoring the guy after some time. This normally leads to development of friction between the two and they start ignoring each other. This happened with me too and I found solace in company of one other friend of mine and soon the whole process developed into a cheating exercise where I would fake situations and occasions to spend time with my new found love.

2. She started cheating on me

After spending considerable time with my girlfriend together, I had to shift to other town due to my professional commitments. Though I did not apprehend it ever, but she began cheating on me as I was able to visit her only occasionally. As I got to know of this development, it hurt me a lot since I loved her truly. The beginning was made from the time since she started ignoring me and later I found this was due to the fact that she was cheating on me.

I tried to find out the truth but she made every effort to ensure that I was not able to come close to facts. This made me pay her in the same coin and I developed close relations with another girl with whom I worked. I guess this was a turning point in our relationship and since she cheated on me, I paid her back in the same coin.

1. Circumstances also play their role

At times circumstances also go against you in a way that you are compelled to develop a relation with someone else. This happened with me as I did not pay much attention to her when she needed it the most. This ignorance by me led to her ignoring me and eventually we both started cheating on each other.

Today when I look back, I guess that it was so to happen and we both were to blame for it. Instead of confiding in each other we started running away from each other with the result that the relationship ended and I cheated on her.

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