How You Can Make A Woman Fall For You Within 3 Dates

Going on your first date? Making the woman interested in you is a tough challenge in normal circumstances and most guys end up disheartened. However, if you pay attention to the tips listed below, you will be in a position to make the girl fall for you within 3 dates for sure.


5. Be elusive

You should be the one who should end the date first. Get over the instinct of calling her or texting too often. In fact the woman should be doing that more often than you.

If you show too much interest or enthusiasm, it is sure that the woman is going to lose interest in you. Be elusive and a mystery hard to resolve.

4. Be addictive mostly

Let the game be played in a reverse manner. In place of her being addictive to you, do the same to the girl. If you are able to make this impression in your first date, it is sure that the woman will fall for you in three dates. Don’t overdo the things though and play the game fairly, you are sure to emerge as a winner.

3. Be like a challenge

Make yourself wanted by her. Let her know about different aspects of your personality and she will definite feel attracted to you within three dates. You should be like a man she is not able to control. Refine your personality in such a manner that you are always like a challenge to her and she will come knocking at your door sooner than you expect her to do so.

2. Be mysterious always

By being mysterious, you will be in a position to attract her to yourself. If you feel that you do not own her an answer for a particular question, do not answer it. By maintaining your mysterious posture, you will be able to keep her interested in you and will surely make the woman fall for you.

1. Be courteous

Do not go overboard in attracting the woman towards yourself. Maintain the basic limits of decent behavior and make her feel safe with you. Once she realizes that you are the perfect man for her, a long term relationship is sure to evolve. It might take some time for her to fall for you but if you follow the listed points, it is sure that you will be together with love of your life for long and forever.

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