How To Make Your Meals Healthier

With festival season round the corner, it is time that you develop the habit of making your meals healthier. It is not difficult to do so and with some effort, you can try the same.

7.) Change the dressings

You can also substitute the low calorie versions of the dressings. Instead of fats, oil, mayonnaise you can use tomato juice, vinegar and mustard.

change the dressing

6.) Poach

Fish, chicken and eggs are the food items which can be made healthier by poaching. To do so, you need to cook this food in simmering water or broth. These food items should however not be left for long in this simmering liquid. Overcooking should also not be done as it will dry the food soon enough.


5.) Baking

Baking is a good way of making your meals healthier. Baking is especially important for meat products. For doing the same, you need to use a covered container in the oven. In case, the pieces of meat are very thin add some fat free liquid as chicken broth.


4.) Steaming

Steaming is good for fish and vegetables. Through steaming minerals and vitamins can be maintained in these food items. For steaming, you need to arrange food in a steamer. Small amount of water can also be added in the same. These items can also be steamed in microwave by using a covered dish.


3. Stir Frying or Sauté

Stir frying or sauté can be used for meat and vegetables. You can add one or two teaspoons of oil so that the meat does not stick to the pan. You can thereafter cook the same for short period.

stirring, sitr

2. Grilling

Poultry, fish, vegetables and meat are some of the food items which can be make healthier by grilling. To prevent sticking of meat or vegetables you can coat the grill with vegetable oil. The skin on the meat can be kept intact while cooking as it helps in keeping the same moist but the fat can be removed before serving.


1. Roasting

Roasting is vital for vegetable and meat. This should be done as it reduces the need for oil and butter. For doing so, you need to preheat the oven to 350 degree F to 400 degree F. The meat should be kept moist by basting it with wine occasionally. You can also use fruit juice, fat free chicken or beef broth in place of wine.

roast, roast the food, roasting food

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