How To Know If Your Oil Painting Is Ready To Sell

A beginner’s oil painting could always be not up to the mark and they could feel dejected even to come up with a new one. However, after several attempts, a refined product comes up and the oil painting is worth selling. Below are listed the ways in which it can be ascertained that the oil painting is ready to sell.

1. Ask questions to friends and family

Your friends and family could be your best critic and admirer. Instead of getting in discussion with them on general nature of oil paintings, refer to the specific one which you intend to sell in the market. Put some hard questions to them and you will definitely come up with answers which you have been looking for.

2. Get critiques from other artists

There are some knowledgeable artists around who will give you honest feedback about the paintings if you share the same with them. You will not only learn for the future but will also get a fair idea if your paintings are fit enough to be displayed in the market. Give genuine consideration to their advice and you will definitely become a successful artist.

Oil Painiting ready to sell

3. Put some tough questions to yourself

Soul searching always helps and it is true when it comes to judging the real worth of your oil paintings. You should put some tough questions to yourself including the thought that was it possible for you to keep the entire painting process under your control. Look for some flaws in the painting and understand the reasons due to which you could not control these. Getting answers to these tough questions will definitely help you become better and get more worth out of your paintings.

4. Display the paintings at some art exhibition

Prior to the day you intend to sell the oil paintings, it will be appropriate if you display the same at an art exhibition. This will give you an opportunity to judge the worth of the paintings and see for yourself firsthand the kind of response; you might get for the paintings.

Oil Painiting ready to sell

5. Make these self-descriptive

Any art form including oil paintings finds their real worth when they are self-descriptive. Ideally, the depictions should be so simple that the customers find the emotions you wish to display on their own, without looking for answers.

Keeping these points in consideration, you will always be in a position to know if your oil paintings are worth selling and getting appreciation which they rightly deserve.

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