How To Build Your Fantasy Premier League Team

If the best possible team combination is to be chosen for the fantasy premier league, finding the answer could be a tough task as multiple factors go into making a team perfect. Below we list some of the factors which must be kept in mind which will help in choosing the best possible team. Adhere to these factors and the best team will emerge.


5. Picking players who perform

The performance during Copa America or any other tournaments during the past year are not the factors to be considered. The trend should be to shortlist the best players who showed a remarkable improvement over the last few seasons or during different tournaments they played so far. The best striker for Liverpool could be someone who has consistently performed over the years.

4. Avoid signing new players

This is one advice any football expert would give to a team manager if they approach with any such request. Mario Balotelli from Liverpool and Fernando Torres at Chelsea are a perfect example which proves that signing new players at last hour never works in favour of the team.

3. Relying on one or two performers proves disastrous

Having a defender who takes the maximum budget of the team will do no good as a team. Instead focus on a competent goalkeeper as he is the one to defend when the entire opposition comes knocking at his door.

Fantasy premier league team to choose

2. Study the position of the players

If players have been classified wrongly it can create problems or bee a boon in the long run. If defenders are to operate in the midfield and midfielders play upfront this can add some real worth to the team. Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane are known midfielders but are most likely to play upfront for the Liverpool. If the focus is on goal getters and defenders this will most likely bring great rewards for the team.

1. The best possible combination

A dream team could be one which could combine David de Gea as goalkeeper, David Luiz and Kyle Walker as defender, Dele Alli as a midfielder and Romelu Lukaku and harry Kanes as striker.

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