How These Richmond Neighborhoods Got Their Name

Libby Hill and Court End are some of the unusual names which neighborhoods in Richmond in Virginia have. It is an interesting tale how these places got their name and is worth knowing.

6. Libby Hill
Libby Hill - Richmond

Libby Hill got its name from a famous personality of Richmond Luther Libby who lived in the area. Located in the vicinity of Richmond, Libby Hill is known for giving the town of Richmond its name as people used to gather here and talked as to how the place reminded them of Richmond upon Thames.

5. Court EndCourt End - Richmond

Court End is a historic district which got its name from the Supreme Court of Virginia which lies near Virginia State Capital Building. The place is home to numerous government buildings including Executive Mansion, White House of the Confederacy and the Virginia State Capitol.

4. The FanThe Fan - Richmond

The Fan is named so because of the way some of its streets sparkle out from the Monroe Park. The place is full of vintage properties which have its unique architectural value. Initially, a town by name of Sydney was planned at this place which never came in existence and therefore The Fan came in being.

3. Jackson WardJackson Ward - Richmond

Jackson Ward was once known as the Black Wall Street and was considered to be ground zero for local African-American business institutes. This place thrived into a blooming place for African-American community in late 1870s.

2. Three ChoptThree Chopt - Richmond

Three Chopt is one of Richmond’s West End neighborhoods. This place has its distinct colonial roots. The Three Notch’d Road in the area was the main hub as it connected East and Central Virginia. The place got its name from three mark settlers which were cut into trees while it was being planned to convert this area into a well developed colony. The idea struck and the place was named Three Chopt.

1. CarytownCarytown Richmond

This place was intended to be a shopping district originally and was the site for the first strip mall in the city. The place is named after Cary Street which is in turn named after Colonel Archibald Cary.
He was the richest man in Virginia and was friends with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. He made all his riches from foundry, flour mills and plantations.

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