How Are Lego Kits Designed?

Lego are a series of plastic construction toys which are built by The Lego Group which is a company based in Denmark. Lego Kits are a flagship product of this company and comprise of interlocking plastic bricks having array of gears. These distinct pieces can be connected in distinct ways so as to construct buildings, robots and other kind of objects.
The company has been manufacturing these interlocking toy bricks or Lego since 1949. The brand is so popular in itself that numerous movies, games and Legoland Amusement Park have been made.
In fact, by February 2015, Lego overtook Ferrari as world’s powerful brand. How Are Lego Kits Designed?

The Designing Part

The big question which strikes every mind is that how is Lego designed. It is well known that every piece of Lego is distinct in size and is compatible with any other similar kind of Lego piece. This calls for making every piece of Lego with a degree of perfection so that they fit seamlessly into each other.
It has to be done in such a manner that they not only fit in easily but can also be disengaged with ease, as and when required. It is rather difficult to believe but is true that machines which make Lego bricks have a tolerance of as less as 10 micrometers. How Are Lego Kits Designed?
The major concepts which amount to 120 in number is designed at Billund headquarter of the company in Denmark. Other design office exists in Germany, Japan and United Kingdom.
Building a Lego product has different stages which begin with a team of experts from the company identifying present trends and needs by interviewing children and being present at major toy stores to see the market needs.
3D modeling software is used prepared CAD drawings and these designs when approved are prototyped with the help of stereo lithography machines. The prototypes when prepared are tested in the market with a sample set of children.
Lego began a service to remain ahead in technological innovation and came up with Lego Digital Designer which is part of Lego software for Windows and allows its users to come up with their own Lego designs. However, this service ended in 2012.How Are Lego Kits Designed?The sturdiness of Lego as a brand has been due to it using a strong plastic material for the manufacturing of the toy series. It uses acrylonitrile butadiene styrene which is eventually heated to 232 degree centigrade to achieve the desired consistency.
The brand has become synonym with satisfying the innovative curiosity which children have for toys and this is a prime reason, it has been successful over the years.

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