Horrifying Statues Of Famous People

Great people always leave a legacy behind. However, at times things do not go in their favor and something happens which is not appropriate. Read below and you will know better.

8. The Confederate MonumentHorrifying statue of The Confederate Monument

Location: I-65, Near Nashville
The statue of Confederate General Nathan Bedford is a perfect example of things gone wrong. Be it the bedazzled eyeballs or rectangle shaped mouth, the ill conceived design by the architect has left things in bad taste.

7. Lucille BallHorrifying statue of Lucille Ball

Location: Celoron, New York
Year of construction: 2009
The entertainer Lucille Ball definitely deserved a place in history for the ironical comic roles she played. She worked in tandem with her husband Desi Arnazand also ran a production company. However, the statute designed to commemorate her contribution turned out to be so nasty that her fans formed a group known as “We love Lucy Get rid of the statue”.

6. Gerald FordHorrifying statue of Gerald Ford

Location: Michigan
Year of construction: 2011
Gerald Ford was the only US Vice president and President to be elected to the top post without being elected ever. He was the only President in US to visit Mackinac Island in Michigan. However, still he deserved a better statue than that designed presently which shows his face as swelled and gives an angry look.

5. The Bulgarian CzarHorrifying statue of The Bulgarian Czar

Location: Sofia (Bulgaria)
Year of construction: 1903
Czar was an important leader in history of Bulgaria who expanded the Bulgarian empire far and wide. He was a formidable leader who was able to keep Byzantine Empire away from attacking his kingdom. The statue is however a sad reflection of reality and shows him as an angry fellow raring to go at anyone who approaches him.

4. Tom Cruise’s statueHorrifying statue of Tom Cruise Statue by Daniel Edwards

Location: Clearwater, Florida
Year of construction: 2015
Daniel Edwards is known for creating nude replica statue of famous personalities. Reportedly, he has made one of Angelina Jolie also. However, he went awfully wrong when it came to creating a nude statue of Tom Cruise. The statue is 14 feet by 3 feet and shows Cruise holding his commemorative medals close to his bare chest. The statue looks absurd and you never know if Tom Cruise would file a case against Daniel.

3. Steve Job’s statueHorrifying statue of Steve Job

Location: California, United States
Steve Jobs was a revolutionary person who brought a drastic change in our mobile technology. However, one of his statues recently made is so bad that Steve might wish to come out of the grave and kill the person who made it. The weird statue which has a disembodied head of Steve held together by a thin bronze frame however won prize in a competition which was held to commemorate the memory of Job.

2. Kazakhstan MonumentHorrifying statue of Yevgeny Mikhaelis and Abay Kunanbayeb

Location: Taken down a day after installation owing to poor designing
You might not have heard of Yevgeny Mikhaelis and Abay Kunanbayeb who were Russian scientist and Kazak poet respectively. The duo was much respected in Kazakhstan; however, a recent statue of them left everyone in bad taste. Both were shown as if standing and clicking a Selfie. The statue generated so much anger that it had to be removed in a day of being installed.

1. Christiano Ronaldo’s statueHorrifying statue of ronaldo

Location: Madeira Islands
Christiano Ronaldo is known the world over. A statue was recently unveiled in his home town to showcase the love of people for him. However, it was so shamefully designed that it even left Ronaldo looking for answers.

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