History of Spider-man Actors

Spiderman has been the favorite of people across generations. The character is still much loved by children. Below we list some of the best actors who have played the character of Spiderman from 1967 to 2017.

9. Paul SolesBest Spiderman Actors - Paul Soles

Spider Man was the first animated series which starred Paul Soles on ABC. This animated series was much popular in 1967 and Paul Soles became the first Spider Man in television history.

8. Nicholas HammondBest Spiderman Actors - Nicholas Hammond

The television series by name of Spider Man came in 1977 and Nicholas Hammond left his mark on the series. This serial was however aired for 13 episodes only.

7. Dan GilvezanBest Spiderman Actors - Dan Gilvezan

Dan Gilvezan played Spider Man in the series Spider Man and his Amazing Friends in 1981. This animated series was aired on NBC every Saturday.

6. Christopher Daniel BarnesBest Spiderman Actors - Christopher Daniel Barnes

He is a talented voice over actor who played Spider Man in Spider –Man in 1994. He also played the same role in Video game Spider-Man unlimited.

5. Tobey MaguireBest Spiderman Actors - Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire became a popular name with his role of Spider Man in Spider Man (2002). The movie became so popular that Tobey played the similar role in other movies of the same series (Spider Man 2 and Spider Man 3).

4. Drake Bell Best Spiderman Actors - Drake Bell

Drake Bell played the role of Spider Man in Ultimate Spider-Man. He did a marvelous voice over job and his role in 2012 in the series became a popular hit.

3. Donald GloverBest Spiderman Actors - Donald Glover

Donald Glover played the role of Spider Man in “The Spider-Verse, Part 3” and “The Spider-Verse-Part-4”. He first debuted for the role in 2014.

2. Andrew GarfieldBest Spiderman Actors - Andrew Garfield

An American British actor, Andrew Garfield tried to portray the legacy of Spider Man in The Amazing Spider Man and The Spider Man 2 and was largely successful in this endeavor. He first debuted in this role in 2012.

1. Tom HollandBest Spiderman Actors - Tom Holland

Tom Holland played the role of Spider Man in Captain America: Civil War and Spider Man: Homecoming. He first debuted in this role in 2016. He has been successful in his endeavor so far and Spider Man fans are appreciating his role. We hope that Tom remains the future Spider Man for long.

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