Hilarious Menu Fails! Must Read!

Restaurants try to give unique name to the items in their menu to tempt customers. All the restaurants try to keep some unique stuff to offer to their customers. But here are some menus that are so unique that you might not ever forget the place. Of course we believe that some of these are just translation errors.

Would You Like Some Roasted Husband?Hilarious Menu Fails

Or would You Like Our…. Wait What?Hilarious Menu Fails

I Never Knew There Were Country Specific Sexual Harassment!Hilarious Menu Fails

Look At The Images Of Sushi That They Have Used!Hilarious Menu Fails

Wikipedia Seems To Be The Key Ingredient Here!Hilarious Menu Fails

I Thought Kids Menu Meant Stuff For Kids Not Babies On A Plate!Hilarious Menu Fails

I Have Always Been Confused While Ordering Pizza!
Hilarious Menu Fails

And If You Are Confused Too You Can Order “Whatever” You Want!Hilarious Menu Fails

Google Does Not Now Everything After All!Hilarious Menu Fails

Wang Had To Burn And You Have To Eat!Hilarious Menu Fails

Sounds Like A Horror Movie Is About To Start!Hilarious Menu Fails

WHAT? Come Again Please!(No Pun Intended!)Hilarious Menu Fails

Okay This Is Getting Out Of Hand!Hilarious Menu Fails

And This Particular Restaurant Thinks You Are Your Food!Hilarious Menu Fails

Lets Not Talk About This One!Hilarious Menu Fails

Okay So Would You Like T Have Chicken Or Real Chicken!Hilarious Menu Fails

As Always We End The Meal With Desserts. But In What Fashion!

Hilarious Menu Fails

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