Here’s The Reason Why Drinking Beer Is Healthier?

drinking beer is healthier, healthier habits

Recent research has found out that drinking beer is healthier for you. Be it a hot summer afternoon or a lazy day at work, each of these will be a perfect day to sip your favourite beer.

drinking beer

10. Rich in Vitamin B

Suffering from deficiency of vitamins? As beer is made from yeast, it is a rich source of vitamin B. Unfiltered beer is especially healthy as it is a rich source of Vitamin B3, B6 and B9. Folic acid which is found in vitamin B9 helps in prevention of colon cancer.

9. Rich in Fiber

Fiber which is a natural laxative is also found in rich quantity in beer. It helps you to prevent overeat as it slows downs the appetite for food. It is specially recommended for those who are on dieting.

8. Helps in Stress Reduction

Stress and danger of heart attack reduce if you take beer on a regular basis. Up to 12 ounces for women and 24 ounces for men are considered in the safe zone.

7. You will have less risk of type-2 diabetes

Those who drink beer are found to be at 30 percent lower risk of suffering from type-2 diabetes. It is therefore recommended that you should be taking beer if you are suffering from diabetes.

6. Low risk of developing gallstone

Those who drink beer are always at a lower risk of developing gallstones. This can be a serious problem as gallstone can lead to severe pain in stomach. Drinking beer always reduces the incidence of developing gallstone.

5. Has anti-microbial properties

You will find anti-microbial properties in beer and it will always help you fight diseases. Hops is known to contain a substance that prevents the same from deteriorating.

4. It is known to contain substantial amount of silicon

Beer is known to contain silicon which in turn helps limit absorption of aluminium in the brain. This helps in prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Helps in improvement of bone density

If beer is consumed in moderate amount it always leads to formation of strong bones. There is always a link between beer consumption and density of hip and bone. Heavy beer drinking is however not advised.

2. Consumption of beer reduces risk of heart disease

A study has found out that beer is better than red wine when it comes to preventing or reducing the incidence of heart diseases. Beer drinkers are always at a lower risk of suffering from heart diseases than those who don’t take it.

1. Your social life will become better

Social life of those who drink beer is found to be better in comparison to alcohol drinkers. Enjoy your drink and live your life to the fullest.

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