Has Social Media Spoilt Our Face-to-Face Conversation Skills?

Social Media making you less social (2)

The advent of the digital era has brought about a revolution in our society. With social media taking away most of the time, personal interactions seems to have taken a back seat. The social circle of a person has also become limited and people seem to be absorbed in their thoughts all the time.

It is almost certain that increased use of social media and WhatsApp has limited our social contacts and people feel safe to interact online rather than sit across the table and talk.

Social Media making you less social (3)

1. Social media has limited our world

Contrary to the assumption that presence of social media and WhatsApp has connected people, the truth is that increased use of these mediums has limited our social reach. Though it is also true that social media has brought us in touch with our long lost friends but it has also limited our social interactions.

2. It has made people less social

In pre-social media days people had ample time to interact with friends and family. However, due to the presence of WhatsApp and other social media platforms, people seem to have become less social since they are busy most of the time on social media channels and WhatsApp, thus leaving less time for personal interactions.

Social Media making you less social (2)

3. Academic and profession performance risks

The academic and professional performance of any person also suffers considerably due to increased use of WhatsApp and other social media platforms. Students are increasingly busy in scanning through their online profiles in the classroom and employees also devote a large amount of time in chatting with colleagues and other friends which affect their professional performance.

Social Media making you less social

4. Makes a person less confident

An increased risk of excessive use of WhatsApp and other social media platforms is that people become less confident in dealing with critical situations. WhatsApp and other such social platforms make a person live for most of the time in an illusionary world and such people seem to be far away from reality. When faced with any challenging situation such people find it difficult to cope up with reality and often fail at critical times.
All said and done, WhatsApp and other social media platforms have a distinct advantage in the form that it has connected people across the spectrum. It is, therefore, the needs of the hour that WhatsApp and all other such platforms are used judiciously only then a person will be able to derive real benefits from the same.

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