Happiest Countries In The World, You Should Definitely Visit!

Each and every corner of the world is just full of happy people. But some countries seem to have a little higher concentration of such happy people of joy and satisfaction than others having features like high life expectancy, growing economies and good education.
But what do you think can be secret behind these happy countries- is it the place where it is located, people, politics, environment culture, or just something in the water?
While no one knows the precise reasons but after gathering data from different resources like the Happy Planet Index, the World Happiness report, and Forbes’ this list of 10 happiest countries in the world came up.
So pack your bags and get ready to make your move to your favorite country.

1. Costa Rica

Happiest Countries in the world - Costa Rica

Costa Rica is has all starting from its natural beauty, sandy beaches, and ocean waters to the volcanoes and dense rainforests. People have also reported that it is one of the country having highest life satisfactions in the world with a life expectancy as high as 79.3 years. People there enjoy pleasant life for years and years there and you will find them saying “pura vida”, which means “life is good”.

2. Norway

Happiest Countries in the world - Norway

Norway is one of the most prosperous countries in the world and is ranked very high on world happiness reports. It has the 2nd highest level of satisfaction with high standards of living, and about 3 quarter of the people living there have reported that they have more of positive and healthy experiences as compared to negative experiences each day. Apart from the glaciers and mountains and abundance of fjords it is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

3. Denmark

Happiest Countries in the world - Denmark

Denmark is ranked 3rd in our list of happiest places with a booming economy, great work-life balance, hygienic environment and fabulous community. The people are well educated with a 100% literacy rate and there is low rate of unemployment

4. Switzerland

Happiest Countries in the world - Switzerland

Switzerland is an amazing place having beautiful lakes, snow-capped high mountains and environments ranging from lush to frozen. People have higher than average life expectancies, healthy lifestyle, lot of community involvement and great safety. In addition to it Switzerland is famous for delicious chocolates so how can anyone be sad!!

5. Vietnam

Happiest Countries in the world - Vietnam

Vietnam is the happiest country in all of Asia as per several reports. People living there are incredibly content with their current lives enjoying the beautiful beaches, mountains and gorgeous scenery and the delicious regional cuisine.

6. Canada

Happiest Countries in the world - Canada

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world and is also known to be one of the happiest. Residents have a very high level of satisfaction with their present lives and the direction that they’re heading in. Canadians have great safety with highest life expectancies in the world and have a top performing education system. 80% of the population says that they share more of positive and healthy experiences as compared to negative experiences each day.

7. Netherlands

Happiest Countries in the world - Netherlands

Netherlands is a European country with tulips, windmills and clogs. Residents have a very high level of satisfaction; they rate themselves as the most satisfied people in the world. It is a very free country where the people get to enjoy freedom from religion to sexuality and everything else that comes in between. They have a great work-life balance and a strong job market and low rate of employment.

8. Sweden

Happiest Countries in the world - Sweden

Sweden has both the gorgeous scenic beauty and amazing big cities with rocky islands, lush green forests and vast frozen sceneries. The country also has healthy environment, great life satisfaction and plenty of business opportunities which makes it one of the happiest places in the world.

9. Finland

Happiest Countries in the world - Finland

Finland is known for its great education system and high standards of living with low levels of corruption, high literacy rates, high life expectancy, balance in work-life and booming economy.

10. Australia

Happiest Countries in the world - Australia

Australia is not only the most adorable place on earth but also ranks high in many life happiness categories. People have high life expectancies, healthy lifestyle, and lot of community involvement with high rate of employment. So don’t be fooled by the all those sharks, snakes, and venomous spiders.

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