7 Confessions by Guilt Conscious Ladies

Ever suffered from some guilt feeling? Well, in that case, you might have come across people who confess to their guilt. Below we list some of the confessions that you might come across when you happen to meet guilt conscious ladies.

  • Guilt Conscious ladies justify everything

Guilt conscious ladies are known to justify their every act. Not only this they confess to this fact that infact they justify small things that are related to their existence.

guilt concious ladies

  • Overly emotional in nature

Another confession that any guilt conscious lady would make is that they are emotional in nature and they breakdown even when they are confronted with a small issue that can be solved easily otherwise.

  • They have trouble sleeping

Guilt conscious ladies will always make the confession that they have trouble sleeping. This is due to the reason that they hide within themselves some emotions which otherwise should have been out in the open.

  • They often avoid situations

You must have some across guilt conscious ladies who say that they avoid speaking too much or do not prefer to mingle with others. Infact, such ladies sometimes confess that they prefer to be alone than to be caught in any precarious situation.

  • Overcompensating at times

Guilt conscious ladies also confess to the fact that they overcompensate for any situation or scenario where they feel that they have been ignoring people. This might happen in the case of friends and families alike.

  • Protective of their phones

Guilt conscious ladies can always be found to be protective of their smartphones, be it the WhatsApp chat or their Facebook messages. They do confess to this shortcoming of theirs in private parties with friends.

Guilt concious ladies

  • They often blame others

Guilt conscious ladies often admit that they blame others for situations in their life. This can sometimes prove disastrous also as the risk of losing a relation in such cases is quite high.

Hiding guilt feeling for long is also not good for health. However, with ladies having guilt confessions to make, you only have to be around them and they are likely to spill out some beans as and when the situation so warrants.





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