Greatest Rugby Players Of All Time!

Greatest Rugby Players - Dan Carter

Being one of the most popular sports, Rugby has been widely watched, the world over. The game has produced some legendary players who have managed to make their niche in the sport.
Below are listed top 10 Rugby players who have enthralled us with their sporting performances.

1. Jonah LomuGreatest Rugby Players - Jonah Lomu

Jonah is considered to be the first true superstar in Rugby. Jonah played a key role in enabling New Zealand to win Tri Nations tournament in 1996. Though Jonah suffered with nephritic syndrome, a kidney ailment, he was able to be the best.

2. Martin JohnsonGreatest Rugby Players - Martin Johnson

Martin got into the England side by a stroke of luck in 1993 but after he helped the team win Grand Slam in 1995, he became a regular player in the side. He was the captain of England team and led it to victory in World Cup in 2003.

3. Dan CarterGreatest Rugby Players - Dan Carter

Dan Carter is credited for being the highest scorer in history of Rugby championship with 1,381 points to his credit. He was able to score 29 tries and in each of these, he helped the New Zealand team win.

4. David CampeseGreatest Rugby Players - David Campese

David Campese played for Australia and was named player of tournament in the 1991 World Cup in which Australia defeated England. He was quite outspoken and until date remains the most cherished player, Australia ever produced.

5. Richie McCawGreatest Rugby Players - Richie McCaw

Richie McCaw became a rage from his debut match only as he was named man of the match after a superb performance. He was the captain of New Zealand in 2006 and led his team to victory again in the 2011 World Cup.

6. Jonny WilkinsonGreatest Rugby Players - Jonny Wilkinson

Jonny who began his rise in the England team in 2001 is best remembered for his last minute drop goal during the extra time which gave England its only World Cup title in a fiercely fought match against Australia.

7. Brian O’DriscollGreatest Rugby Players - Brian O’Driscoll

In the 2009 World Cup, Brian helped the Ireland team win their first Grand Slam in 61 years. He played in the last three World Cups and has also led his team to the quarterfinals in 2011.

8. Percy MontgomeryGreatest Rugby Players - Percy Montgomery

He was the top point scorer for South Africa in 2004 and 2005 Tri Nation tournament. He was also instrumental in helping his team win the World Cup in 2007, a moment he relishes as his best during the sporting career.

9. Naas BothaGreatest Rugby Players - Naas Botha

In his 28 appearances for South Africa, Naas Botha was able to score 312 points. This has been a record which has been steady for decades. He was also instrumental in making his team, a top performing one in the sporting arena.

10. Shane WilliamsGreatest Rugby Players - Shane Williams

He is known for making the maximum appearances in Rugby matches for any country. His most memorable moment came during the 2005 Six Nation tournament when he led Wales to win every single match they played

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