Good News For Those Who Don’t Want Kids Too Early

smart kidsMany girls are bombarded by the question “When are you becoming a mother” right after their marriage, while you are not in the mood to grow up, settled down and start a family. If that’s happening with you too, here is good news.

At London School of Economics, a team of independent researchers have carried a study where they analyzed the data from the Millennium Cohort Study monitoring the development of around 18,000 British children for an extended period of time so as to understand the behavior of their growth and development getting affected by the age of their mother.

So basically, the study is conducted to check how a child’s development improves or affected by their mother.


After significant research and their results, its good news for you girls, if you don’t want a baby soon as the study proves, the right age for a mother to have baby is during her 30’s. smart kids
In the story published in the journal of Biodemography and Social Biology it is proved that infants born to women during her 30’s are smarter and intelligent to those born to women during her 20’s 40’s. These babies scored higher in cognitive testing and did perform better.


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