Golf Cart Based On Sports Cars Launched by Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes- Benz has been a leader in the car market since long. With its foothold being established across the world, it is but natural that this leading car company comes out with some innovative models.


High-tech golf cart

Keeping its instinct of innovative designs alive, Mercedes-Benz has come up with a high tech golf-cart which has the looks of a sports car. This concept took three years to shape up as Mercedes had asked its fans and customers to submit ideas as to what shape and size would the golf cart be like.

However, this golf cart does not have autonomous capabilities for driving and Mercedes will have to work out some strategy for the same. The project has been worked out by Mercedes-Benz in association with designer Garia who is the project partner in this concept.

Innovative features

The golf cart has a 10.1-inch tablet which displays its current speed and all the associated power consumption. The vehicles controls are also interlinked with this tablet. Interestingly, innovative use of technology has been put to work in this golf cart and driving modes of this golf cart can be changed by tapping on the screen. The golf cart has two driving modes namely sports and eco. The headlights can also be switched on by tapping on the screen.

Heater, AC and wiper can also be controlled by a gentle tap on the screen. The vehicles position on the map can also be displayed by a tap on the screen and weather app can also be monitored through the screen. The golf cart also has an integrated Hi-Fi Bluetooth speaker as also a fridge.

Mercedes-Benz will be watching with interest the developments in this golf cart and will be adding smartphone integration in the coming days. The golf cart is at display at the British Open and it will also be showcased at various similar events in Germany, Monaco and Denmark in the coming months.

This innovative golf cart will be a real treat from serious golfers who wish to cruise through the golf course in style.
Mercedes-Benz is a world leader in automobiles and is known for its luxury cars. The entry of Mercedes-Benz in the golf cart segment is a unique first for the company and the auto trade analysts will be watching with interest the commercial success of this innovation.

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