Glowing Bike Trail In The Netherlands!

glow road netherland

A glowing bike trail system has been developed recently by the Netherlands. This system works through solar-power and thus is also called solar-powered glowing bike trail. This system is designed for making travel safer and more peacefully for bikers.

In daylight this road look like just another ordinary road, but as the light starts to fade away and the night crawls in, its then that you see the magic of these roads. Look for yourself what happens in the dark of the night. It’s just a masterpiece of an artist.

glow road netherland

A famous artist of Netherland painted around 50000 stones with glowing paint and also used solar-powered LEDs light to create a path for the cyclists, which gave the road this cool look. This encouragement came to him from the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh’s artwork “the Starry Night”. Rocks were settled in such a manner that they replicate the whirls of that famous Dutch painting.

This luminous track was opened on November 13, in the honor of the 125th ceremony of Van Gogh’s death. Now the same artist is working on his new project of a Smart Highway. This highway project has recently been put in motion with the luminous line roadways that adopt three lines of luminous tinted covering to outline the road side.

Artist has faith that this bike path will be a guide to creation of more and more solar-powered tracks around the world. Further more tracks are designed to stock clean energy and make a safe way for bike riders. His goals also include developing a responsive color that sparkles in temperature below freezing, alerting drivers to probably icy conditions. This is probably a great design for clean and energy efficient roadways which are beautiful and relaxing. The artist describes his work as “this is the most self-sufficient and practical roadway system and incredibly poetic.”

glow road netherland 1

This is not the only road which works in this manner, there are several other prepared on the same concept and the energy these roads generate goes back to the national grid.

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