Few Water Bodies Meet And Make An Amazing View! Have A Look

gulf of alaska - oceans meet

It is no rare fact that rivers meet each other and so do various Seas and Oceans and every other water body. We know that water when meets water, mixes completely, but it makes a very rare and beautiful sight when two water bodies of distinct colours meet and appear not to mix. Here are few of the very rare sights of the world where water bodies meet and their distinction can be done easily.

1. The Jialing and Yangtze Rivers meet in Chongqing, China

“Jailing River” meeting “Yangtze River” in “Chongqing – China”

2. Alaknanda and Bhagirathi Rivers meet at Devprayag, India making it a place of religious importance.

Alaknanda and Bhagirathi Rivers meet in Devprayag in India.

3. Arabian Sea meets Atlantic Ocean to make a wonderful sight!

aribbean sea meets atlantic ocean

4. Oceans Meet at Gulf of Alaska though they eventually mix but at a lot of points of time the two distinct colours are clearly visible giving it a splendid look as if the water bodies would never meet.

gulf of alaska - oceans meet

5. The Rio Negro and the Rio Solimoes meet in Amazon giving it a very distinct look.

manaus amazon - Oceans meet - The Rio Negro and the Rio Solimoes meet

6. Confluence of the Ilz river with Danube and Inn Rivers  at Passau, Germany makes a rare sight where three rivers meet.

Painting of The Ilz, Danube and Inn Rivers meeting in Germany.

7. The Rhone and Arve Rivers meet in Geneva, Switzerland, Rhone has clearer blue colour in comparison to the muddy Arve river.

Rhone River” meets “Arve River” In “Genève – Switzerland”

8. The Drava meets a river that knows the borders of at much as 10 countries, Danuve river.

The Drava and Danuve Rivers in Croatia.

9. The meeting point of the Green and The Colorado River is a very beautiful spot, because of the distinct colours of bothe the rivers.

the Green and Colorado Rivers Meet

10. The Confluence of the Rhine and Mosel Rivers makes Koblenz, Germany a popular destination for travelers.

The Mosel and Rhine Rivers in Germany

11. The Mississippi River meets its Tributary the Ohio River in Cairo, IL. The strange part is that the Brown Ohio River is larger than The Green Mississippi river at the point of confluence.

The Ohio and Mississippi Rivers meet

12. The Thompson and Fraser Rivers meet in Lytton, BC, Canada to make a beautiful sight!

Thompson and Fraser Rivers meet

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