Few Signs That Prove You Are Attached To Your Dogs In Unhealthy Ways

Pets especially dogs have a special relationship with their owners. However at times this turns out to be an unhealthy association as you become obsessed with your pet.

If any of the below listed signs apply to you it means that you in all likelihood have an unhealthy association with your dog.

10. You willingly skip holiday plans because of your dog

If you are among those who have willingly skipped going out with family or friends on a holiday trip for the reason that your dog might be left alone, you in all likelihood share an unhealthy relation with the pet. The ideal way would be to take it along or leave it in the care of some of your friends.

9. Showing off their picture

You might be showing off their picture as if the dog is your child. You might feel proud of doing so but others might take it to be an unhealthy practice.

Doggy owners

8. Worry lot about them when out of town

Another sign that you might be attached to your dog in unhealthy way is that you might worry about them much often when you have to go outdoors for some work. Develop the habit of leaving your dog in care of others; else this could turn out into a major problem.

7. You take the dog to spa more often than you go

If your dog visits the spa more number of time than you, it is a definite sign that you are attached to your pet in an unhealthy manner. Learn to take care of your dog at home and take it to spa on limited occasions only.

dog spa, dog at spa

6. You kick people out of bed because of your dog

Making your pet sleep with you is an unhealthy practice and more so if you have kicked someone out from your bed because you wanted the dog to sleep with you. Get over this instinct if you have it.

5. Your vet knows you because of your dog

It will not be considered a healthy practice if your vet knows you more often because of your dog. This essentially means that you call the vet often for reasons that can easily be ignored.

4. You never call your dog, a dog

This is a big sign that you consider your dog immensely close to you. If you are among those who get irritated if someone calls your pet a dog, you certainly need to think about it and be more realistic.

dog, love dogs, dog lover, animal lover

3. You talk to your dog more often than with others

If you talk with the dog more often than with others around you, it certainly does need a review. Spend time with the dog but also learn to leave it alone when not required.

2. You never apologize for bad behavior of the dog

If you have never apologized even if the dog goes to the extent of biting people, you can consider yourself to be attached to the pet in unhealthy manner.

1. You consider the dog to be your best friend

Though it might sound a bit harsh but if you have developed the feeling that the dog is your best friend, you are much attached to the dog.

dog best friend


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