Few Facts To Know About The Mayweather Pacquiao Fight!

manny pacquiao vs Floyd mayweather maypac fight
  1. There were more than 3 million subscribers for the $100 pay per view for the fight.
  2. $1500 was the starting price of the ticket which soared to above a few 100,000 dollars as the fight closed in.
  3. It took 5 years to strike a deal between the two camps to fight as Floyd Mayweather was not convinced with a 50-50 purse split finally they agreed on 60-40 in favor of mayweather.
    manny pacquiao vs Floyd mayweather maypac fight
  4. For the First four rounds it looked like Manny dominated the fight, while Floyd was in a defensive mode where he was even pushed to rope once.
  5. In Round Five Mayweather showed that he was only calculating and observing Pacquiao’s game as he exhibited his immaculate ability to get out of way while Pacquiao was tiring.
  6. As the closing rounds approached Mayweather tightened his grip on the fight he was so confident that he even had the audacity to celebrate before the bell in last round.
  7. Out of the three Judges two scored the fight at 116-112 while third thought it was 118-110 in favor of Mayweather. The associated press had scores 115-113 with result matching that of ringside judges.

    manny pacquiao vs Floyd mayweather maypac fight computer scores

    Result from computer punch scoring system

  8. Manny thought that he had won the fight as he did not see when Mayweather had hit him.
  9. Pacquiao threw 429 punches out of which 81 landed making a 19% connecting percentage while 148 out of 435 of Mayweather’s punches landed taking connecting percentage to 34%
  10. After the defeat, Bob Arum, Manny’s promoter said Pacquiao had injured his shoulder while training and was denied an anti-inflammatory injection before fight because of which he lost but according to reports, Pacquiao camp did not check the injury box after weigh-in Friday and thus there was no way of knowing how serious the injury was and could not take a decision without paperwork.
  11. While the stats and boxing experts thought Mayweather will win most of the crowd was in favor Manny as we heard loud boos when Mayweather entered.
  12. Mayweather would take upward of $180 million from this fight.
  13. After winning this fight Mayweather has added WBO welterweight belt to WBA and WBC that he already holds His professional record is 48-0 nowmanny pacquiao vs Floyd mayweather maypac fight belt
  14. Mayweather will have his last fight in September to complete his Six fight showtime contract and will hang his gloves thereafter. His next opponent is not finalized yet.


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