Ferrari World Spain Should Be Your Next Destination!

Ferrari Land Spain Roller coaster

If Spain did not figure so far on your travel buck list, now is the time to head to this nation. Ferrari World which opened recently at Port Aventura Amusement Park is the place to be. The park is spread over 70,000 square meters and has been set up for a price tag of $100 million Euros. Ferrari Land Spain The Ferrari World has a racetrack and visitors can drive miniature Ferraris through the length of the circuit which is 1900 meters. The Ferrari World also has many other added attractions including stimulators and pit stops which make it a must visit destination for adventure seekers.

A unique thing about the theme park is that all the rides here are painted in red which is a signature color of Ferrari. Additionally, the Ferrari World also features the tallest roller coaster in Europe. This enables the riders to reach up a height of 368 feet at 112 miles/hour in only 5 seconds.Ferrari Land Spain Roller coasterIf you wish to buy some official Ferrari merchandise, the same is available at the Ferrari Brand Store. You can also learn more about Ferrari from different museums and galleries which are functional in the Ferrari World.
The Ferrari World also has a simulation model of Ferrari production line which creates an effect as is evident outside a traditional Ferrari factory. If you think this is all, something more is also in store for a traditional Ferrari lover. You can also stay in Ferrari themed 5-star hotel.Ferrari Land SpainThis is not the first Ferrari World though. A similar project is in operation in Abu Dhabi which opened in 2010. However, this one is the first of its kind in Europe. More Ferrari World with similar theme are in the pipeline with the next one being planned in China followed by one more in North America.
It is therefore time to pack your bags and head to Spain and explore a new world.

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