Everything You Need To Know About Pokemon Go

The immensely popular game of Pokemon was created by Japanese game developer Satoshi Tajiri in the mid 90’s. In Pokemon, you had to travel to a fantasy land capturing and training creatures. They had to be forced to fight and win over.

Pokemon Go

This is a reality game foriOS and Android device users in which GPS technology and Google maps are put to use to place Pokemon in real world situation. You have to catch and collect it. This version has been developed by Google startup Niantic Labs.

The working mechanism of Pokemon Go

The real working mechanism of Pokemon Go is a secret but the device screen of the user displays a map of their local area and as the person walks over, the game helps track the map and through your position and various species of Pokemon appear so that you can capture the same.

Ways to find and claim Pokemon

You can find Pokemon by getting outdoors and exploring your local area. Different variants of Pokemon hide in areas as water, grassland and other build up locations. The game also has a “Nearby” tracker to hunt down the Pokemon which is present closest to your place.

Once the Pokemon has been found it will appear on your map. By a gentle tap, you will be able to catch the same in real world, thanks to the camera of your devise. Flick the finger at the camera and Pokemon is safe with you.

Does Pokemon move around?

As you try to catch a Pokemon, it is but natural for it to move around in order to run away. Pokemon will hang around for a while but is likely to move over to new areas soon. In one such case, a rare Pokemon was spotted in Central Park in New York. By the time, crazy fans moved in, Pokemon had vanished.

Control mechanism of Pokemon

This is also a bit of secret but what is known so far is that it is a combination of crowd sourcing and sourcing of location data which then assigns rarity to the Pokemon character. The positioning mechanism of Pokemon has not been shared by its creators for it will take away the magic.

The way to get your Poke balls

To pick up the Pokeballs and other healing positions at Pokestops. The local landmarks are indicated by blue markers on the map.

The winning strategy for Pokemon Go

You should set up your own goals in Pokemon Go. The aim should be hunting down all the 150 Pokemon out in the open. If you reach up to level 30, you will be on the way to become a Master trainer.

With Pokemon being around since the early 90s, the fan following of the game has grown immensely. You will find people of all ages going crazy for the game. Still thinking about playing Pokemon Go. Go ahead and make a beginning!



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