Dream Locations For Destination Wedding!

Wedding is the first step for a couple to start their married life and onwards they will be known as husband and wife. The wedding itself is considered as the most important event for the couple because it is considered to be the bonding of two souls together. Everyone wants their wedding to be extra special so that when in time they look back to this event, it should always give them the same excitement and smiles. Couples do plan to make this event even more memorable and distinct. Plan to have destination wedding is one among them. Often couples choose marriage destination as some of the most fascinating cities or sites across the world.

Today we are sharing with you top 10 most popular destination wedding locations on the basis of comments and reviews given by happily married couples at various locations.

1. Mexicodestination Weddings - Mexico

Mexico attracts couples with its mild, warm, sunny weather and colorful cultural diversity. It offers you extensive coastline, spicy cuisine and wide range of well prepared accommodations. There is a huge series of beautiful resorts along the country’s coastline and beach wedding is the most popular trend. It cost in between $20000 to $40000

2. Jamaicadestination Weddings - Jamaica

The Caribbean island can offer you lush green environment surrounded by beaches, mountains and waterfalls. This is even lot more to explore. Jamaica also makes it easy for couples to get married. It only requires wait time of 24 hours to get issued the marriage license. Couples who want a destination wedding followed by a beach honeymoon must go to Jamaica. It cost in between $25000 to $45000

3. Dominican Republicdestination Weddings - Dominican Republic

Wide spreader beaches and powdery sand along the coastline which goes about 900 miles are the attractions of the Dominican republic. Along with that the country also has a large range of all-inclusive resorts, which are cheaper to stay and wed as compared to respective neighboring Caribbean islands. It cost in between $10000 to $40000

4. Bahamasdestination Weddings - Bahamas

In the Bahamas you have more than 700 islands to choose from however to have destination wedding you need to do a bit research because they are just few. All the islands here are ringed by coral-sand beaches which makes it a prime spot for a beach wedding. One of the advantages of choosing Bahamas for a destination wedding is that it is closer to the continental United States. It cost in between $20000 to $50000

5. Hawaiidestination Weddings - Hawaii

Although it is a long hour journey to Hawaii from every corner of the corner, but then as well couples choose it for destination weddings. The reason behind is the tiredness of the journey is nothing against the feeling of getting married to the most beautiful place of the world. It cost in between $30000 to $45000

6. USVIdestination Weddings - USVI

USVI stands for Unites States Virgin Islands. With its very unique tone and surrounding the islands makes your wedding and honeymoon event more gorgeous. Getting there is a bit easy, but you need to acquire permission from authority there prior to your wedding there. It cost in between $20000 to $40000

7. Arubadestination Weddings - Aruba

Aruba, south of the hurricane zone, welcome the wedding couples during the year long. Its clean and wide beaches along with dozens of casinos keeps the party and thrill going on till the wee hours. With its extensive sandy stretches it offers a great occasion on the sand. It cost in between $10000 to $40000

8. Fijidestination Weddings - Fiji

Fiji with its charm and gentle culture is the choice of couples who would like to have a un-usual get away all the wedding destination. Infinity swimming pool at Vatulele Island Resort is the major attraction for the exotic honeymoon. It cost in between $20000 to $45000

9. Cruisedestination Weddings - Cruise

Cruise weddings are not only affordable, but they also give couples a unique honeymoon experience with new ports on the way just after the wedding night. Many ships have specially designed wedding moments for the special couples. It cost in between $30000 to $50000

10. Europe
destination Weddings - EuropeEurope’s historic and romantic cities along with smaller cities provides great experience for destination weddings. Many couples choose to marry at their home town and then spend a great time in Europe just after that to have an even more grand ceremony. It cost in between $20000 to $40000

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