Do You Know Why Do You Snore? Here Are The Reasons and Remedies To It

Snoring regularly not only affects the quality of sleep but also causes problem to others who sleep alongside you. Before we debate on the remedies for snoring, it is important to understand the reasons behind it.

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Snoring occurs when air cannot move freely through the nose and throat when a person is sleeping. There could be numerous reasons for a person to snore with the common being:

If a person is overweight: If a person has poor muscle tone, this too contributes to development of habit of snoring. You should do regular exercise to get rid of this habit.

1. Increasing Age: With increasing age, the throat becomes narrower and the muscle tone also decreases. This also contributes to snoring and you should ideally do throat exercises to reduce snoring.

2. Sleep Posture: If a person sleeps flat on the back, the flesh on back of throat gets relaxed thus blocking the airway. You should change the sleeping posture to get rid of this problem.


Losing weight: Those who are overweight can think about reducing few extra pounds of weight. This will eventually lead to reduction of fatty tissues in the throat and will reduce or stop snoring eventually.

Stop Smoking: Smoking also has a relation with snoring as this irritates membranes in throat and nose which blocks the airways. Giving up smoking also helps in reduction of snoring by the person.

Clearing the Nasal Passage: If you suffer from stuffy nose should develop the habit of using a nasal decongestant or nasal drops before you go to bed. This will help you breathe easy while you sleep and any snoring related complication will also reduce over the time.

Bedroom air needs to be moist: If the air is dry, it can irritate the membranes in throat and nose, thus causing snoring.

Change of Sleeping Position: Change of sleeping position will be of much help to those who suffer from the problem of snoring. You need to elevate the head four inches as this eases breathing and lets the jaw and tongue to move forward.

You can also buy specially designed pillows from the market which will let you save the neck muscles from crimping.

Throat Exercises: A range of throat exercises including repetition of each vowel for three minutes every day will help reduce the incidence of snoring. Additionally, you can position tip of the tongue behind the top front teeth. Slide the tongue backwards for at least three minutes a day.

A combination of most of these remedies if practiced on a daily basis will ensure that the problem of snoring gets cured and you lead a happier and healthier life.


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