Do You Know Which Are The Most Dangerous Animals!

Most Dangerous Animals - Cape Buffalo

Animals form a vital part of our biosphere and contribute a significant role in making the Earth beautiful. Howsoever we might be attracted to them, the reality is that many of these are dangerous and caution should be taken while these are around.
Below are listed top 10 threatening animals of whom you should be wary of.

1. ElephantMost Dangerous Animals - Elephant

Elephant is the largest mammal on Earth and though this gigantic creature looks calmer, it can be extremely dangerous at times. An untamed elephant is the most difficult animal to control and can kill a person instantly.
Elephants kill people in large number every year and the only way to save yourself from these mammals is to be cautious and stay away from it.

2. SnakeMost Dangerous Animals - Snake

With over 450 species of snakes being around, it is another threatening animal in the world. Around 250 of these are capable of killing human beings and are found in Asia, North America and Africa. The notorious King Cobra is a killer indeed and is responsible for killing over 50,000 people every year.

3. African LionMost-Dangerous-Animals-African-Lion

African lion is another threatening animal that you need to be wary about. It can run at a speed of 85 km/h and none can escape its fury if the lion decides to get aggressive. Though it is now mainly confined to zoo and safaris, it has attacked tourists and zoo keepers in the past resulting in loss of human life.

4. Saltwater CrocodileMost Dangerous Animals - Saltwater Crocodile

The largest living reptile, the saltwater crocodile can get extremely aggressive when the situation so arises. It can apply a pressure of 3000 pounds per square inch through its jaws and can kill its prey instantly. Saltwater crocodile is responsible for killing over 2000 people every year around the world.

5. Cape BuffaloMost Dangerous Animals - Cape Buffalo

Cape buffalo weighs between 900 to 1800 pounds and is notorious for killing around 200 people every year. It can run at a speed of 40 miles per hour and can even kill lions when they are present in groups.

6. White SharkMost Dangerous Animals - White Shark

White shark can send chill down the spine as its 300 sharp teeth are always waiting for a prey to be devoured. As per records available, the white shark had carried out 272 attacks on human beings in 2012 and most of them proved fatal for the victims.

7. HippopotamusMost Dangerous Animals - Hippopotamus

Hippopotamus is another aggressive river beast and is responsible for large number of human killings every year. It weighs around 8000 pound and can run at 18 miles per hour.
Hippopotamus are also known to kill crocodiles when aggressive and each year around 200 people fall prey to this dangerous animal.

8. Blue Ringed OctopusMost Dangerous Animals - Blue Ringed Octopus

A venomous marine animal, the blue ringed Octopus is found in tidal areas from Africa to Japan. It is extremely dangerous and its poison is 10,000 times more toxic than cyanide. It usually kills people who paddle in tide pools.

9. Polar BearMost Dangerous Animals - Polar Bear

Localized only in Arctic Circle, the polar bear weighs 1,500 pound and can get aggrieve if it finds that its children are in danger. It usually feeds on ringed seals but humans too can also be its prey if they try some misadventure with the polar bear.

10. Komodo DragonMost Dangerous Animals - Komodo Dragon

This is the largest species of lizard and is found in some islands in Indonesia. There are numerous instances of humans falling prey to Komodo dragon and in each case it resulted in death of the victim.

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