Do You Know Which Are The Happiest Animals In The World?

Happiest animals - Penguin

The index of happiness is calculated on different parameters and the choice could become interesting when one talks about animals. Animals like humans too have their mood variations and can be listed on a parameter when it comes to finding out the top happiest animals of the lot.

1. RatsHappiest animals - Rats

Rats are considered to be social animals and are a playful lot too. They depict strong familial relations and the mothers spend quality time nursing their young ones. This reflects in the way, female rats prepare nests for their new born.

2. OtterHappiest animals - Otter

They love to be tickled and laugh a lot too. Newborns among Otter are not only cared by the mothers but fathers too play a key role in their grooming.

3. Dolphins Happiest-animals-bottlenose-dolphins

Social attachment can be seen in dolphins too. They have their typical signature whistle by which they communicate with others of their family. They love leaping and spinning in air and have been observed to spin over seven times too at occasions.

4. Orca WhalesHappiest animals - Orca Whales

Orca whales are happy when they are in company of others of their family. Researchers have found that when two different families or pods of Orca meet, they greet each other. They have been observed to play and splash even when in rough waters.

5. WolvesHappiest animals - Wolves

Contrary to the public perceptions, wolves are highly social animals and remain happy all the while. Whenever they locate any missing member of their clan they express their happiness by licking each other’s face.

6. PenguinsHappiest animals - Penguin

Penguins love to play in groups and call out each other in high pitched tones. They glide joyfully on their stomach when moving through snow, a practice which has been given the name of tobogganing.

7. LionsHappiest animals - Lions

Lions are considered to be social cat species. They are found in a group size varying from 3 to 20. Lion cubs learn the tricks of surviving in rough wild among the watchful eyes of elders, often playing and nibbling around.

8. MeerkatsHappiest animals - meerkats

Considered to be altruistic and lovable, Meerkats ate usually found to be living in a clan or 20 or more. They like to play, run and have also been found to do competitive foot races with others of their clan.

9. ElephantsHappiest animals - Elephants

Elephants show strong attachment and have been found to live in committed family groups. They are very playful when in group but can also get dangerous at times. They often call out and attract attention of others for their playful acts.

10. LemursHappiest animals -Lemurs

Lemurs are also considered to be highly active and social animals that are happy always. They move from one tree to other depicting an action which is called as ricochetal leaping. They start playing by the time they turn 6 weeks old and are a highly spirited clan.

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