Did You Know These Terms Have Different Meaning In Sports?

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Sports are challenging and exciting at the same time. Did you know that there are certain terms in sports which mean entirely different from their original meaning?

Some of the most amusing sports terms are listed below. Next time you hear them on the field, surprise your friends with your knowledge of sports.

sports1. Agricultural shot

This has nothing to do with agriculture and is in fact related with cricket. When a batsman hits the ball and digs a piece of soil from the pitch, the shot is known as agricultural shot.

2. Bye

Unlike the idea of saying goodbye to your loved ones, bye in cricket is linked to runs scored when the ball is aloof from the bat as also from batsman’s body parts. This is a great moment for the batsman as he gets runs without hitting the ball.

3. Daisy- Cutter

This term refers to the time when the ball gets so powerfully hit that it feels as if it is moving above the ground, even as it is touching the ground.

4. Nelson

If the score in cricket touches the figure of 111 it is called Nelson. If however it touches 211, this is called as Double Nelson and the figure of 311 is referred to as Triple Nelson. This is said to be originated from Admiral Horatio Nelson. The admiral had only one eye, arm and leg.

5. Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler has his presence in sports too and this time it is golf. When a player has missed the first shot in a bunker and has to take the shot again, it is said that ‘Adolf Hitler’ has happened with the player.

6. Nuked

If a player is able to achieve maximum distance on a shot with a particular club, the shot is called a nuke. An interesting word though, considering the fact that it is otherwise used only in military warfare cases.

7. Watery Grave

If you thought that this term is used only in case of accidents, you are perhaps mistaken. When someone hits a golf ball so hard that it lands in a pool of water, the term is referred to as watery grave.

8. Duffer

This term is used to describe a student or a person who has performed some foolish task. In gold Duffer is referred to a person who only knows to take the stick and hit the ball hard.

9. Rainmaker

A high trajectory shot in golf which is hit so high that it seems that the ball will come straight out from the sky and bring some rain along with it.

10. Facial

The term facial has nothing to do with fashion here. Infact facial refers to the time when a player jumps in air and hits the ball in the opposite court and more so on the face of the opponent player.

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