Did You Know These Are The Most Dangerous Places In The World

The world is full of hatred and horror too unlike the bliss and serenity that we all might wish to explore and relish. There are some places which you would travel to at your risk though as these are the most dangerous places in World.

Russia10. Russia

Unreal as it might sound Russia is a dangerous place to be in. With a Russian being assassinated every 18 minutes, statistics do not speak well. Post the Soviet Era, the security in Russia is deteriorating.



9. Brazil

With poverty a fact of life in Brazil, crime is very much real here. Street crime is very evident in Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeario. Organized criminal groups call the shots here and it can get scary at times.


8. South Africa

The high murder and rape rate make South Africa another dangerous place in the world. Though crime is confined to some poor areas of main cities, South Africa has done little to change its image.


7. Burundi

This small nation has been torn apart by the civil war between Tutsis and Hutus from 1993 until 2006. Kidnappings are common here and visitors are advised not to stop here on roadside.

Antartica6. Antarctica

Though this might be the most serene place in terms of calmness and peace, the place has the most hostile weather conditions. Winds can blow here at over 100 km/h and temperatures can dip to as low as -70 degree Celsius.


5. Afghanistan

At the time when Soviet army invaded Afghanistan they planted over 12 million landmines. Hardly had the nation overcome this trauma, the Taliban made inroads. Afghanistan is still a battle ground and large number of casualties takes place on a daily basis.

Somali4. Somalia

Somalia is a failed state and anarchy rules strong here. Large numbers of armed gangs roam around making it a dangerous place to be in on any given day. If you plan to visit Somalia ever do ensure that you have life insurance policy in place.


3. Sudan

Sudan has been under Islamic military regime ever since its independence. Car bombings and genocides are much common in Sudan. The nation has been on war with Chad and this makes it another dangerous place to live in.

Columbia2. Columbia

Columbia can be called as the kidnapping capital of world. The country has seen 238 kidnappings in 1998. Over 75 percent share of world’s cocaine comes from Columbia and this makes it a tough place to be in.


1. Iraq

Iraq is undoubtedly the most dangerous place to ever be in. Post the killing of Saddam Hussain, anarchy has taken over and large number of car bombing and killings are a daily affair here.


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