Did You Know? ….These 10 Companies Are Behind Almost Everything That We Pick Up At The Grocery!

10 Companies that control almost everything we eat

10 Companies that control almost everything we eatCourtesy: Oxfam International

We came to know about this fact through the image above that has been designed by Oxfam International as a part of their campaign. These companies are named as Big 10. The above graphic clearly explains how the Big 10 are successfully delivering all the essential items that we need on daily basis.

Big 10:

  1. Nestle,
  2. Kellogg’s,
  3. Coca-Cola,
  4. Danone,
  5. Unilever,
  6. General Mills,
  7. Mondelez International,
  8. Mars,
  9. PepsiCo,
  10. Associated British Foods

Interesting! Isn’t it?


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