Cool Google Tips To Make Your Life Easier And More Fun! #11 Is A Life Saver!

google tips - flight information

More than 70% population in the world uses google for their daily quick searches on various topics. Though it is already convenient to get results from google but at times it becomes a bit frustrating. Here are few tips that will help you with your search next time, some of them are just for fun!

1. You are searching for something but getting some undesired closely related results, well you can exclude certain words by adding a minus sign (-) and then the word you want to exclude like we have excluded Manchester Utd news from the search here.

Google tips - negative search

2. Google can do math for you, forget your calculators! Just search simple equations.

Google tips - calculator

3, Looking for GIF images, its pretty simple click “Search Tools” and then under “Type” switch to animated

google tips - search Gif

4. Looking for incomming links to a particular site, type “link:  <website url>”

Google tips - links to a website

5. Looking for dates of important holidays, just search for the name of the Holiday and leave the rest to google.

google tips - search holidays

6. Let Google convert currencies and units for you.

Google tips - converter

google tips - convert units

7. Want a specific file type add “filetype:<type of file>” at the end of the search.

Google Tips - ppt pdf

8. Looking for an exact phrase “Put It In Quotes”

Google tips - exact search

9. Add “..” between two currencies, units or numbers(can be years) to search within that range

Google tips - search range

10. Type “define” before a word or “meaning” after it to get the defination of that word.

Google tips - definitions and meanings

11. Forget finding your mobiles to set timers; look at the below image to know why!

Google Tips - Set timer

12. To make it easy to calculate tips you can search “tip calculator” and rest is pretty simple.

Google tips tip calculator

13. Finding songs by a particular artist, search for “songs by <artist name>” to get the complete list of songs! Similarly you can search for books by an author or movies by directors producers or starcast.

Google Tips - Songs

14. And you can look for flight information by searching the flight number.

google tips - flight information

15. You can check the time of sunrise and sunset in any desired location.

Google tips sunrise

16. Interested in how some words originated, add the word “etymology” at the end of your search.

Google Tips - Origin of words

17. Google also helps you compare nutritional values of two food items.

compare foods Google Tips

18. Ever wondered how to find the best of all the old Google Doodles, hit the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button without typing anything and get the catalogue of all the doodles from when the all started.

i'm feeling lucky -Google Tips

Bonus: Also please search the following on Google and enjoy:

Do a barrel roll

Zerg rush

Type “Google Gravity” and hit “I’m feeling lucky”

 Type “Google Sphere” and hit “I’m feeling lucky”

Do let us know if you enjoyed the tips, and feel free to share any special trick that we would have missed. Do not forget to share it with your friends.

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